"400 Lux" by Lorde Listen to a sample of the song below the description! 

Go vote for me in the contest that this is entered in, and I'll do something for you. *winks*

What happened today? Uhhhh. My grammy got out of the hospital! 

I might write a short story for this set, with the contest's motive: "Going to grab coffee (or in my case, tea) with your favorite celeb!

There's a "♥" by all the things that I completed!
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#jessicahaggerty when my boo's in the set

you are going on a coffee run with your favorite celebrity. who is it and what would you wear?

It's Ben Haggerty aka Macklemore, and this is it!
♥ Make sure to enter the set into the contest.
♥ Only new sets are allowed.
♥ Make sure your set is exceptional.
♥ Always tag me and your teammates.
♥ No templates.
♥ No simple sets.
♥ A full outfit {5pts}
♥ Your Celebrity {5pts}
♥ Your favorite quote {5points}
++Extra Credit++
♥ Nails{5pts}
♥ color green {5pts}
Answer this question;;
what color are ashlie's eyes?
Are they green?
tag me @ashleyangelbite + #bottg + your teammates.
BiO; These girls love the coast. They like to long board in there free time when they're not hanging out with there friends.They also love swim suits.
COLORS;Tropical (Bright green, yellow, bright blure, bright pink, etc.)
ALPHA O1; Sophie ( @bby-its-sophie)
O2; Heather ( @lostinthecloudsxx)
O3;Tiffany ( @style-857)
O4; Gela ( @radiant-forever )
O5; Alex ( @alexa-the-narnian)
O6; Jessica ( @jessicaluxcahill )
O7; Emily ( @emilydanielle47 )
O8; Autumn ( @xo-autumn)
O9; Nemesis ( @neme2028)
O1O; Cherline ( @xoxo-cherline )
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