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November 29, 2013

Song of the day: 400 Lux - Lorde

1) Alright guys. I listened to the entire Midnight Memories album TWICE yesterday and then moved on to Pure Heroine and still wanted more. So now... I need new music! Suggestions?

2) So, my English teacher's devoted this entire year to trying to convince our class that it's impossible to say one hates poetry, his thought being: "Saying you don't like poetry is like saying you don't like food. That's impossible. There's a food out there for everyone!" I was just like, nooope. Those are not the same thing at all. Lol. Then he realized that was a bit of a stretch and was like, "Or, it's like someone saying they don't like music!" But, I kind of feel like there are people out there who don't like music? I don't understand those people lol-- but I'm sure they exist.

3) I'm sad Caroline Pennell got out of The Voice :( It's like Caroline Glaser all over again. People don't appreciate that Ingrid Michaelson-y vibe enough. 'Tis sad. 

4) I finally watched "The Way Way Back" last night. It was soo cute! That Duncan kid was sooo awkward though lol. But AnnaSophia Robb was obviously adorable. I also watched "Kings of Summer" last week. It was pretty good too. I think all the material in the trailers was the extent of the comedic value of the movie lol, so in that way, it was slightly disappointing, but as a general coming-of-age film, I thought it was cute! Plus, it's Nick Robinson. So that's an automatic plus. 

5) Woke up early today to check out the Urban Outfitters sale, and idk if it was just because the store in our local mall is smaller than the city stores (obviously), but it was rather disappointing. I scored a cute (faux) leather top though, so that was cool.

7) How were your Thanksgivings? Anyone have any crazy Black Friday stories? ;)

Alright. College apps are calling, so I'll catch up with you guys later! 


p.s. Who's excited for Christmas?! Now that Thanksgiving is over, it finally feels like the Christmas season is here, so I'm pretty psyched!

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