Discover, shop and express your style -Cassie's Therapy Video. Good god is Hannah Murray such a great actress. Everything about this whole video is PERFECTION. I love contradictions. I love her expressions and her little movement with the chocolate. And I love how I can understand nearly everything she says. -Unseens Skins "I Mostly Do" (it has one of my favourite lines: "Perfectly cylindrical. A little shuttle out to space.") I was thinking about this over break when I was driving around Pasadena with my best friends and we were all looking at this really long display of wedding dresses in front of a store, haha. I had a mental image of us re-enacting this, haha. ;) -The infamous "So hey. Wow. F*CK YOU." Just tore my heart apart when I first saw it. POOR BBY CASSIE. -Her New York ending with "Hometown Glory" by Adele. Aka the song that got me through some pretty...intense times a couple years ago. Also, it's just one of the best songs to play driving through any city. I did it while cruising 'round Los Angeles and it was PERFECT. And it was my first Adele song. :)

I got stuck in another Skins wormhole today and just ended up watching a bunch of videos online again, haha. Psssssh. Homework. Don't make me laugh. Haha, but it's also because I was just reading yesterday how they're doing a series 7 with CASSIE AND COOK AND EFFY. LIKE OMFG. I AM SO EXCITED AND IT SOUNDS SO AMAZING. I'm in love with Effy, so I just want to see what she's doing, and Cook's cool. But seriously. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IN NEW YORK AFTER. I NEED TO SEE WHERE SID AND HER ARE NOW.

Haha...well. I just overused the capslock just now, now didn't I? Sorry. Got excited. Haha, but she really is one of my absolute favourite characters. I always seem to be drawn to the ones with the mental problems, 'cause my other pure favourite is Effy. And I even loved Frankie for a bit too, before I was then split between Grace and Rich.

But Cassie just...she's amazing. She truly is. Hannah Murray is perfect too at portraying her. Her lines are always THE most memorable, like "Look up if you like me." and "I didn't eat for three days so I could be lovely."

I put the watch in the set because in one of the videos someone pointed out she wears her's on her ankle because her wrist is too skinny for it. It's an eating-disorder thing, apparently. Which just makes me love this show even more because it's always so close to the TRUTH. Also, I want her glasses. Haha, I even wore a gold dress to my homecoming this year because I was kinda sorta inspired by that one she wore in the first episode, when she was on the trampoline with Sid. xD

I was trying to tell my friend about Skins at the beginning of the school year, so I just ended up linking a bunch of Cassie/Effy videos/photos onto her Facebook timeline, haha. Like, "This explains it all. NOW WATCH. I COMMANDTH THEE." God, I'm so wonder I love those two so much. I'm as crazy as they are. xD

Eh. The mad ones are always the best one. All the greatest people are crazy. It's a known fact. Trust me, I'm insane. ;)

Haha, I'm done now. I may or may not do an Effy one, but I feel like I would get overwhelmed with the beautiful and won't be able to choose a look to focus on, haha. ;D
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