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Wrote three years ago
Great alteration! Adding a print dress is a great change!

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Love this dress!


Rock The Look

Rock The Look

This is a group for OUTFITS ONLY!!!! No backgrounds, props, magazine texts etc. Jewelry Accessories & Signatures are Welcomed!!! Please don't submit sets for marketing purposes only! There will be a new contest EVERY 3 DAYS!!
This is a place to let your creativity run free... just remember.. OUTFITS ONLY!! however some contests may specify "to add something else".
We try very hard to ensure everyone has an opportunity to win!! If you are looking for a mod that plays favorites, We are the wrong ones! We believe everyone deserves the chance to shine! So shine on my dear ones, shine on!! xx
Please Join My Other Groups Click on the link below:

IF YOU ARE NOT SURE WHAT OUTFIT ONLY IS CLICK ON THIS LINK: http://www.polyvore.com/fashion_tutorial/set?id=138671567&lid=3409109
GROUP LOGO BY: @luckied99
Group guidelines are as follows:
1. Have Fun
2. Be creative and original
3. Do not submit sets containing nudity, violence, profanity or hateful speech of any kind.
4. Do not submit Full SETS. These sets can be submitted in our Full Set only group.
5.Please don't submit sets for marketing purposes only! Sets not meeting the outlined criteria will be rejected.
Support the campaign "BE ORIGINAL" do not copy sets or ideas of other members!

Modesty is Beauty

Modesty is Beauty

To be modest is to be beautiful! Being modest doesn't have to be boring and frumpy. You can be beautiful, fashionable and modest all at the same time. If you don't believe me, check out some of the modest sets all over Polyvore.
Everyone is welcome to join this group, as long as you follow the rules below:
You may only submit sets that are modest in all areas.
NO pants.
NO shorts/short skirts. (shows the thigh)
NO low cut tops or dresses.
You may use sleeveless as long as it doesn't show too much.
NO indecent pictures or words.
NOTHING strapless.
DEFINITELY NO undergarments in your sets.
*I reserve the right to remove any sets that do not apply to all of the rules, at my discretion without any discussion.*



Edition on 21st Jan. 2017 - Welcome to AlternateS! (Formerly Fashionable Alterations). We are revamping this group to welcome ALL types of sets!!
From now, this is a Women's Fashion/Men's Fashion/Beauty/Home/Art/Dolls group. we will be having contests for different themes (fashion, beauty, home, dolls and art) every two weeks.
For contests, please enter sets that (1) fit the contest theme/set type, (2) preferably are new/recently created sets.
Feel free to join. New members are always welcome.
We look forward to your participation and hope you will enjoy yourselves!!!
Fashionable Alterations Group Description:
Welcome! This group is for people with some Polyvore and design experience. This is not a group for a newbie. Please read this entire post before applying. Applications are reviewed weekly after contest judging.

HOW IT WORKS: We will provide at least 5 featured items (there may be more than 5) from which you must choose 3. With these items as your base, you will create your own unique set, totally altered from the original set. Do not copy the original set in any way or yours will be rejected from the contest. The sets must focus on the outfit. While backgrounds are welcome please do not use intrusive ones. Props should be tastefully picked and relate to your set. See our typical fashion sets as examples of appropriate background and props. Limit of 3 sets per contest. New sets only. Contest every week.

HOW WE JUDGE: Each set will be judged in its detailed format, appropriateness of outfits and related props. We will be looking for outfit workability and wearability, ie. could you really wear that top with that jacket? What would it look like as worn in its entirety? Is the set well constructed? If you've chosen to add background and props, are they appropriate? Overall appeal of the set? Do we like it? We don't play favorites and no one will win twice in one contest.

ABSOLUTELY NOT OR ELSE: You may not use templates in any sets submitted for contests. Such sets will get you a notice from the moderators in private the first time only. Anyone who submits sets containing any of these items a second time will be rejected from the group without notice..Any sets showing drugs, nudity, tobacco, violence, cruelty to animals or swearing will be rejected from contests and the group without notice the first time.

This is a fashion focused group. All sets submitted must be fashion sets. No interiors or other types are to be submitted to the group in general.

This group is for everyone who has enough experience in Polyvore to present a well designed fashion set for a young-to-mature woman. This is not a group for the overly young or inexperienced.

If you feel you are able to play by the rules, please join us and be welcome!
Celeste & Montse


Boots and Scarves

Boots and Scarves

195 sets from 23 members. Ended three years ago.
Enter any or all of your sets that have boots and/or a scarf. Remember keep it modest and skirts only.
Have fun!

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