"The love of truth lies at the root of much humor."

~Robertson Davies
Elvira “Elvie” Strike
Age: 16
Dæmon: Tycho, appearing as a saw-whet owl
Bio: For the first half or so of her existance, Elvie was a wild-eyed, mischievous thing, the quintessential gyptian child. Then when she was around twelve, her father James Matthew Strike-Tupperington decided that it was time he took care of his illegitimate daughter's education. Being a Jordan alumnus himself, he naturally wished to ensure that his dear little gyptian girl received her schooling there. Not only that, the old man was adamant that she be the main heir of his vast fortune, rather than his legitimate older son, who is quite frankly a bumbling fool. So it was to Jordan with little Elvie. Never mind the fact that she was far too young, of mixed heritage, and rather inclined to become grimy. With Papa's money to smooth down the wrinkles Elvie stirred up, she seemed ready to become a permanent fixture in the lecture halls of Jordan College.
That was all slightly before Papa died of cholera, and Elvie's inheritance was diverted to her half-witted half brother, and before Elvie became little more than a pauper. A bit of pleading and a few bats of the eyelashes on her part, and she'd been given a contract as a maid for Jordan. It would be a hard blow for anyone, but Elvie's bearing up well. She'll bide her time and dust the portraits while she's at it, but sooner or later she'll reclaim her place as a rightful daughter of Jordan College.
In the likeness of: Evelina Mambetova
I know ODM is sort of postponed, with Fanfan being MIA and all, so Elvie'll just sit here in the corner for a bit until it's ready to start up.

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