Power and Control // Marina & the Diamonds

Most of you probably know I'm on a computer ban, but I'm sneaking on to publish this before I leave for Melborune. Hopefully I'll get time for a story/collection before I go also.

I have 2 bios because my original idea was a guy but I'm terrified of writing a guy so I wrote his bestfriend to play. But here are the two bios anyone wanna give me opinions on them? Whether or not I should give a guy a go? Please and thanks

name: Isabella Allen
age: 24
quote or lyric to describe you character : 
likes: Music, Adrian, laughing, heels, sunglasses, crime shows, tattoos, bottled water, flirting, compliments, bright colours, happy people, working hard, the truth
dislikes: Fake nails, heavy make-up, condescension, romantic comedies, infomercials, generic pop music, blushing, having to admit she’s wrong, hypocracy
style: Whatever the hell she feels like. Isa loves experimenting with different styles and looks.
previous occupation: Ran an exclusive boutique with her best friend Adrian
education : studied at FIDM
bio: Isabella is about as blunt as can be, plain and simple as that. She tells it like it is so don’t ask her opinion if you can’t take it. She is a fun and flirty girl, always up for a good time whether that’s going out to a club or gossiping about celebrities. Isa can often be found with her best friend Adrian causing mischief and occasionally pulling practical jokes. She’s very serious about styling, driven and focused she’s determined to win but has strong morals so she’d never step over anyone to do it. Isabella is certainly one of a kind, a bit of a contradiction but at the end of the day she’s a lovely girl, a great friend and an even better stylist.
model: Flavia de Oliveira 

name: Adrian Norton
age: 20
quote or lyric to describe you character : 
likes: Glasses, people, Isabella, attention, getting his own way, tattoos, smoking, indie music, tumblr, sleeping around, being liked, humor,
dislikes: being ignored, cocktails, whiney people, popular music, people who are fake, shorts, violence, concentrating, school,
style: Despite having an impeccable and classy eye for fashion he dresses himself like a hipster. A high class hipster, but a hipster none the less.
previous occupation: Ran an exclusive boutique with his best friend Isabella
bio: Adrian is cheeky and charming, he has a way with people and can talk anyone, men and women, into doing almost anything including falling into bed with him. He has a pretty poor relationship with his family because they don’t approve of his lifestyle and choices, though they never were the closest of families. After he graduated high school he began working at a small little boutique run by one Miss Isabella Allen, before long however she saw his potential and he became co-owner but also gained his best friend. Careful of this one, he can get most people to do anything he wants, and sometimes he doesn’t think of the consequences
model: Harry Styles

Missing you guys already xx
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