Today is the anniversary of my sister, Madelines death. It was May 11th, 2OO1. My dad was picking up me & Madeline from school. Madeline was sitting on the right side of the car in the back & i was on the left side of the car behind my dad. We were at an intersection & there was a drunk driver that t-boned our car on the right side where Madeline was sitting. She was killed instantly. Me & my dad just had bruises & cuts. Don't have 1 of your loved ones killed because of someone not being responsible. Let's all come together & stop drunk driving. You don't want to loose a loved one by doing nothing wrong. Just sitting there, & they are killed for someone else's mistake. I Love you Madeline Marie Smith. You are in my heart forever & ever ♥

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Wrote 4 years ago
Awwwww :'( That's really sad, my cousin died because of a drunk driver.

Wrote 4 years ago
Aww. Praying for you. a great aunt of mine died the same way when age was 6

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