Cordelia Von Tussle, TRCA 
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20/6 - After nursing those hangovers, it's time to continue on with your busy lives. Are you the workaholic or the social butterfly? Either way, you'll be kept on your toes today. And keep in mind, you're already half way through the week.

"Aren't you supposed to be at work?" Billie asked, as he rolled off the couch gently and stood to his feet slowly and fixing his blond hair. "Are you sick? Perhaps you're coming down with the flu. You should get some rest" Billie said, approaching me and placing a hand on my forehead gently.

"I'm not sick-" I replied, a small smile creeping onto my face. "-my next client doesn't arrive until tomorrow, I have the day off" I finished, my smile beginning to fade. I found it terrible when I had a free day because I never had anything to do.

"We should play Monopoly like on your last free day!" Billie exclaimed, grinning like a small child during Christmas. 

"No" I said rather quickly, perhaps too quickly. "I mean, no thank-you, I was considering going shopping" I added quickly, nodding a little.

"We should go shopping together"

"I was hoping to go alone" I spoke apologetically. I did not want to be stuck with Billie, he always stopped at every shop they passed and spent almost two hours in any shoe store. 

"Can you bring me back a present?" he beamed, leaning against the kitchen counter.

"It's not your birthday nor Christmas, so not this time" I let out a small laugh, holding firmly onto my hat and sunglasses before exitting our apartment. I could hear Billie's whining from the opposite side of the door, he was such a child. At least, I wasn't going to be present if he would began one of his tantrums.

I was busy amongst my thoughts when I bumped into a figure, I fell to the ground, landing perfectly on my bottom. It ached a little but it wasn't worth complaining.

"I'm sorry" I heard the familiar voice before glancing up at Sebastian, the man from the rooftop party. "Let me help you up" he added, extending his hands to pull me gently to my feet.

"I should be apologising, I bumped into you" I spoke frantically, this was not the type of impression I wanted to have. Wait, since when did I care? 

I looked into his eyes.

Bad mistake; I almost felt weak at the knees and there was no explanation for this. I have never felt this way about a man in a long time. It's been almost years.

He interrupted my thoughts.

"Would you like to go for a coffee?" Sebastian asked, "I understand if you're too busy though" he smiled.

I stopped myself from suddenly speaking and spoke calmly and steadily, "Sure, coffees it is"
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