You're lookin' so mean
Why you wanna go and do that in those jeans
Why you wanna do like that in those jeans?

I saw you out again
Shopping with your friends
Pickin' up designer brands
What you really need to know
Is you don't even have to go
Yeah, you can save all your dough

Cause you look so good in sweats
Or in a sexy little dress
But it's those jeans I can't forget

Got me wishin' you were mine
When you're already mine
No, you don't have to try
Cause you're perfect in my eyes

Yeah, so incredible
Dressed from head to toe
It all looks good to me
But I love you in those jeans

It doesn't matter what you wear
No, I don't really care
It all looks good to me
You're making me go

Baby look at you you
What ya tryina' do do
They're fitting you so mean
I love you in those jeans
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