June 1, 2013

Song of the day: Gone, Gone, Gone - Phillip Phillips

Guys, check out the Phillip Phillips radio station on Pandora. It is possibly my favorite thing ever. 

Sigh. John Mayer and Phillip Phillips have a concert together at the end of summer, and me and my friends want to go because it'll be such a fun way to kick off our senior year, but it's like an hour away and we don't know how we'd get there lol.

But yay, ONE MORE WEEK LEFT OF CLASSES! Well, and then finals after that, but I CAN SEE THE END. Oh gosh. I never thought this year would end. My history teacher has made it miserable. But I got an A on my history research paper! I was dying when I saw that. And she gave me such a condescending smile like, "Good job. I didn't think you were capable of doing that," because she literally thinks I'm stupid but like helloooo you're just totally biased against me because I won't suck up to you in class. 

Anyway. Enough of ranting on about school.

Yay, I really like this set! It's not as perfect as I wanted it to be because I couldn't find any of the right fillers, but, overall, I like how it came out. And omg guys DO NOT LET ME MAKE ANYMORE SETS ON THE APP. They all come out gross. Eww.

But gah I wish I had this outfit :( I've had such difficulty lately because none of my shorts fit me right and all I have are tank tops but like I need t-shirts because sometimes my classrooms are so cold and I die. And I really want a cute cropped tee like that. And high waisted shorts. Omg I really want high waisted shorts. Or cute shorts in general. Ya know. #firstworldproblems 

Lol how everyone's using the tags to indicate fashion trends (like they should be) and I'm still using them like Twitter tags. 

Anyway. Gotta go now!

TTYL! Have a good weekend!

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