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We made love tonight as the result of a fight. 
When you put your arms around me the whole worlds alright. 
And a days worth of bitching goes down the drain 
when you lay in my bed and pick my brain. 
Shut up! It’s my turn to talk.
Don’t try and run before you learn to walk. 
Because a days worth of bitching goes down the drain 
Hi . I'm Jenn. I'm sewing a pillow that says "save our beaches!"
This weekend is a presidents birthday, so we have monday off. Me and Crystal and I think Sowmit maybe are going on an adventure to the really small town next to us. It's a little bit like stars hollow . :) We are going to try to find this water tower they have there. Then we are going to walk around and have a picnic in my truck bed! I'm going to play this song and I'm going to make everyone just lay on their backs and be quiet for the whole song and just soak everything up. We are only young once. Carpe diem! 

That's all I really wish to share with you today.
Au Revior

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