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I woke up feeling pretty shit.
The space in the bed next to me was empty and my mind was blank. I got up, letting the sheets fall messily on the floor and turned on my Mac. I opened my calender and saw that today was the LoveBox Weekender. My mouth curled in a smile, I get to work and play.
I'm quite the regular at festivals and had the rules of festival dressing to a T (even if this festival was only a half hour Tube ride away).
I pulled on my H&M dress (don't wear anything espensive that might get drink, food or sick on it). The waistcoat came next (because you might get chilly? Ok, no real reason for the waistcoat!) I piled on my pearl necklaces and couldn't resist wearing my D&G rosary again. My brand new Chimmy Choo boots were staring at me, begging to be worn. And yes, leather boots are probably the essential of festivals, the more battered they get, the better they look. Quick spritz of perfume (smelling good at festivals is a priority) and I was out of the door.
Bag check: phone, fags, chewing gum, VIP pass, pen and paper, lipgloss. All There!
The tube journey was fast and before I knew it I was smugly walking past the crowds of people and flashing the VIP pass to the guards. 
I looked around but to my suprise didn't see any of LFR girls, was I in the right place? I took this opportunity to do some work, I watched the Florence and the Machine set from the stage side and managed to get a small interview with the woman herself.
Ok, seriously, where are the girls? I looked around in vain...
'Are you a model?' A tall, handsome guy popped up next to me.
'Huh?' The question threw me.
'Sorry I'll start again. I'm Ed Grant from Select Model Management. Have you done any proffesional modelling before?' His tone was warm and proffesional although I was mainly staring at his physique. Regrouping fast, I replied:
'No and not interested in doing so either' I cut him off bluntly
'Let me say that you have the look and the body' he chuckled.
'Thanks, still not interested though' Wow he had great eyes...
'This is a dream oppotunity...' he reached and flipped the VIP pass hanging around my neck, 'You're from Darling magazine, aren't you one of the journalists?'
'Yes...' It hit me. Ed Grant, of course I knew the name. I did a feature on him, notorious socialite from a scandalous family who works as a model scout before the sun goes down.
'As I was saying' he proceeded 'This is a dream opportunity for a lot of girls and I think you can be succesful doing this because you're not that great at the journalist thing'
'Get lost'. Fuck, how arrogant is this shit?
'Alright, how about dinner? You look like you need it?' Everything about him screamed, not necessarily good things. I stuck my middle finger at him and walked to see Violet, Cherry and Emma perform their set. As always they were brilliant but today I couldn't let myself go and just enjoy the music, I still couldn't get over the nerve some people have.
I spoke to the girls, mainly for the interview. They could tell that I was someplace else but thankfully decided to not question me on it.
What a shitty day. At least Keira will be pleased with the exclusives. I made my way home, only stopping to pick up fags and vodka. Before emerging myself in yet another night of Big Brother, nicotine and booze, I sent Keira an email:

Hey, worked the LoveBox Weekender today. I attached the two interviews. Tell me what you think.
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