2013.03.26 I'll publish 2 set for today-tomorrow
I decided to do tagged ,I'm really sorry for always skip your tagged dear,i hope you don't mind me from an obvious i dont do it.
I was tagged by @rainie-minnie from her lovely set

1.My name is Aya I'm Japanese my hometome is in Osaka,Japan
2.I'm a studying Political Science and Economics at Waseda University ,Tokyo and my English isn't the best
3.My favorite color are pink,white,pastel,soft yellow
4.I'm always dressed myself girly,comfort,casual stuff more than following about current trend
5.My family have business about Ramen shop it's 3 branches around Osaka my hometown
6.I love long ,straight hair but my hair grow slow than normal so i'm end up with the length around shoulder ,very sad:(
7.My favorite season is Spring 
8.I don't really have a group of so closed friend but i have some friends who i can claim as my best friends
9.My favorite brands are Kenzo,Comme des garcons,Phillip Lim,Micheal Kors,Lanvin 
10.I love Flowers my favorite are orchids,tulip,white rose and sakura

11.My dream career is become to work at Ministry of Foreign Affairs as The Ambassador ,I must improve my English first
12.My favorite shoe are heels,sandals
13.Doraemon is my favorite Anime /manga
guess Giant is my favorite character as well
14.I have 1 older brother who older than me 10 years and 1 older sister who older than me 6 years
15.I never go visit abroad,after i graduated i've plan to do it, maybe go to South Korea or Taiwan my family don't want me go so far from home
16.I'm an ice cream obsessed i should eat it a little since i'm easy gain weight and lazy to do exercise
17.My ultimate guy biased is Jaejoong from Korean Boy band JYJ
18.I'm considering myself as a nerd,plain girl i don't have something special i just being a girl all time for me till now is studies and help family at Ramen shop
19.I'm so glad to found Polyvore,this site help me want to improve my English and gave me confident to talk to people with my little English
20.I'm not a sport person nor I can do sport
but last 2-3 years ago i've known someone who is a sport player and i started to become fan

21.Honestly,I dislike the attitude about go do plastic surgery for improve the look unless got an accident and need to surgery back to normal,i believe that personality from inside made people more prettier how sad that my idol did it:(
22.I'm enjoy eating that made me gain weight a lot from last year ago
23.I never in relation forever a lone but happy
24.I'm clumsy,very shy and easy scared towards wild animal
25.I'm collecting manga now i have around 50 series in my book store such as Doraemon,One piece ,Conan ,Dragon ball,Black cat

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