Inspiration of the day : #TomHiddleston and #KatDennings ♥

Loki Odinson is a talented, smart and powerful God. But in his realm, Asgard, he is also different. 
In Midgard, Thor is the perfection : strong, handsome and brute. Quite a stereotype, but it seems that it's the same for the Gods.
When he was defeated by The Avengers and Thor was about to comes back to Asgard with him against his will, to gives him to Odin, the female which Thor was in love with made her apparition. She was all Midgard women stereotype : pretty, proportioned like a doll and tiny. But she wasn't alone.
Another woman was with her, and she totally caught the trickster's attention. She was brunette, her hair was like waves of pure chocolate, with a pair of big and radiant blue eyes, and also with full and so kissable red lips. 
Somehow, she was different. He could tell by the glow she gave him. Contrary to all the others presents in this lovely and romantic scenery in which the God of Thunder is saying he will come back to his beloved, she looked straight to his green eyes. She wasn't afraid, and somewhat curious, like she wanted to get a glimpse of his soul... if he still has one.
Having this damned thing on his face, he couldn't say a mere thing to her. Not even a hello. So he just kept the glance, and it tried to say something through it. She smiled.
Thor came back to him, saying it's time to go. And at this exact moment, Loki promised not only to himself but also the girl that he will come back, too.
She is different, so is he. Perfect match.

Omg I so f.ucking inspired that it almost freaked me out! Hehehehe.

I hope you love this x)
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