Lovett Estate - Franklin, New Jersey

Built in 1897, the estate of Lou & Margaret Lovett sits on 5 acres of land nestled in the outskirts of Franklin. The estate once held some of the most lush parties attended by senators, statesmen & even a president in its hay day. Since the death of Lou Lovett, his wife Margie chose to let the place crumble around her as she would spend her days mourning. Following her eventual death, the Lovett's two children decided to leave the house in its state & even leave their parent's belongings inside. 
The house itself contains 9 rooms total. 
5 Bedrooms - only 5 residents are allowed currently
1 kitchen
1 living room
1 family room
1 den/sitting room

There's a small living space a ways off on the property with one bedroom, a kitchen & a small living area. 

You may RP in any of the common areas, bedrooms will have their own sets & are PERSONAL areas. You are not allowed in unless invited by the occupant.

If you'd like to join the RP, here's the application:

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