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  • Lowlife Cover Up Studded Belt - Purple
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    Lowlife Cover Up Studded Belt - Purple
    Lowlife Cover Up 3 Row Studded Belt - Silver Studs encased in Purple Leather. What Lowlife Belts have done here is genius, as you wear the belt the leather gradually rubs to reveal the studsbeneath. It's like a constantly evolving studded belt! Cracking! The belt is constructed from a durable leather bond, embroidered Lowlife looper, Lowlife crest badge and Lowlife embossing on the heavy duty buckle…a rock ‘n’ roll legend. This Lowlife Studded leather belt may be the only leather belt you’llever need. Whether you’re after a Biker Belt, EMO Belt, Rock Belt or simply a fat Studded Belt, the Cover Up Lowlife Belt is a must. This Studded Belt has a snap buttonfastened REMOVABLE buckle so you can interchange with any buckle ofyour choice! Material: Leather Bonded Branding: Lowlife crest emblem, looper and embossing. Designed: London, UK
  • Lowlife Acid Velcro Belt - Black/Multi
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    Lowlife Acid Velcro Belt - Black/Multi
    Lowlife Acid Black Velcro Belt - Multi. For SS10, Lowlife have brought out the awesome Acid Black Velcro Belt which puts you firmly in the driving seat. Mix it up and create your own design with the movable velcro pieces. Also features an interchangeable Lowlife embossed buckle,Lowlife looper,Lowlife crest badge and Lowlife embossing. Material: Velcro / Leather Branding: Lowlife Embossed Buckle. Designed: London, UK.
  • Lowlife Shades Belt Buckle - Fluro Green
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    Lowlife Shades Belt Buckle - Fluro Green
    The Lowlife Shades Buckle in Metal with Flouro Green Frame surround. A Lowlife favourite Belt Buckle which is an absolute must for summer!
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