Running Away / Friendly Fires

LPA; Jacquelin Van Herten

Okay so this story is EXTREMELY long and I'm sorry but there was so much to fit in. Also it gets questionable towards the end so I feel like I should go ahead and say TRIGGER WARNING for the last three paragraphs, please do not read if you feel like you would be sensitive to that. 

"WEDNESDAY, 21 AUGUST Party night at La Flèche d'Or! Put on your highest heels and jump into your hottest dress to celebrate nearly 2 weeks at the academy."

That morning, we stopped for breakfast at a little café on the outskirts of the city, just as I suggested. I managed to leave just after we ordered, telling Mai and Emily that I was feeling ill and would take a cab back to the school. Instead, I had the driver take me to the joke shop I had looked up last night, where he waited while I dashed inside to get the stink bomb. Then we drove back to school.

Luckily it was still early, and the dorms were quiet. I didn’t see anyone as I tiptoed down the hall to my room and opened the door. Mai wasn’t back yet, but they would probably be on their way soon if they weren’t already, so I had to act fast. I took a tissue and used it to open up Mai’s wardrobe, then took the little glass ampoule out of my purse. I took a breath, and then smashed it on the floor of the wardrobe. It was amazing how quickly the room began to stink. I covered my mouth and nose with my shirt, trying not to retch, shoved the doors partially closed, and fled the room. In the hallway I gulped in the fresh air, getting out my phone to text Mai.

>>Really bad news – somebody did something to our room and it smells really really gross =(

I went outside to wait for them on a bench. Eventually they found me, their arms full with the camping supplies from yesterday. We stashed the stuff in Emily’s room for the time being, and Mai and I went to check on our room. The smell was still sickeningly sharp. We stayed in long enough to open the windows, and even that was too long. 

“I hate this school,” said Mai when we were back outside. Her face looked strained. 

“What do you bet the smell’s soaked into all our clothes, too?”

“Ugh. I hadn’t even thought of that yet.” She put a hand to her temple. “It’s so ridiculous, I have to-” she stopped, and shook her head.

“You have to what?”

She sighed. “Gossipnet… I have to wear something overly revealing to the club tonight… whatever that means. Maybe just go naked, since I have no clothes now.” She laughed bitterly.

“I really hope that stuff washes out. Hmm…” I considered. I think at this point I had successfully fulfilled my task, and I wanted to make up for it if I could. “We do have time to go to the store… and maybe I can help you find something?”

Mai hesitated for a moment, then nodded.


“Okay.” Finally, a smile.


Janne let us get ready in her and Peyton’s room. Mai had found a cute but extremely low cut dress, while I had gotten myself a strapless, shimmery Michael Kors. We got dressed and met Coralie and Giada for the cab ride over. 

On the way there, I finally received a text from Sage confirming that he would, indeed, be there tonight. “What do you know, a response,” I muttered to myself. 
I looked up at the rest of the girls. “So, any boys we’re hoping to meet tonight?” I asked them with a grin.

“Peut-être,” smiled Coralie. Giada glanced at her. Janne looked uncertain, while Mai understandably ignored the question. Not the best thing to ask this group, I guess. We moved on to a new topic. Soon enough, we reached the club. 

It was already packed when we got there. I tried to stick with my group of girls but we ended up getting separated as we made our way through the crowd. I wanted to try and find Sage, although I wasn’t in a big hurry. 

The first group I ran into was Yekaterina, Shinju, and Ophelia. They had a few guys hanging around, as per the usual club scene. 

“Heyyy!” I called out to them. They answered back the same and we all hugged, even me and Shinju. I could tell they had already imbibed, so I did a shot or two with them to get started. Finally I saw Sage standing with a few other guys, so I went over to get him. 

“Sage!” I called, putting my hand on his arm.

“Hey!” he said as he hugged me. This was already going so much better, I thought. Then I heard Lysandra.

“Run along with your boy toy now, Jacki, you’re boring us.” She was sitting a couple feet away with a drink in her hand, Ima right next to her. 

“Where’s Naomi?” I asked. “I thought you had to filter all your thoughts through her first.” Lysandra glared at me, while Ima made a face like she might choke on her drink. I took Sage and flounced away.

We got drinks and found a booth for the two of us to sit in. I found he was much more talkative tonight than he had been at the bonfire. Too talkative, in fact. He kept going on and on about lacrosse and I just didn’t have it in me to care that much about it. It was just a constant drone. Eventually I think he could see I was kind of bored, and he shut up and suddenly leaned in to plant a sloppy drunk kiss somewhere in the vicinity of my mouth. I just couldn’t, that was it for me. 

“I’m going to the bathroom,” I announced, then stood up and turned around to see Ophelia right there. We hugged again, and I introduced them briefly before running off. 

I was halfway to the restroom when I remembered the text from gossipnet. “F*ck!” I said aloud. I turned around and headed back to my seat. And what do you know.

Ophelia and Sage were practically horizontal in the booth when I found them. “You backstabbing b*tch!” I yelled as she looked up at me, her eyes wide. I didn’t stick around for a fight though, instead heading straight to the bar.

I knocked back two shots, one after another, slamming the glass down on the bar. I gasped. “Who wants to dance?” I yelled to no one in particular.

The guy next to me chuckled, setting down his empty drink. “Care if I take you up on that?” he asked.

I glanced at him. Yeah, he was cute. Okay. I grabbed his hand and led him out on the dance floor.

I kind of think I’m the sh*t when I’m drunk, so my dancing consists of a lot raised arms, hip motion, hands in the hair, etc. I don’t really want to know what it looks like. This guy was into it though. He danced close to me, pulling my hips toward him. His face hovered close to mine, his breath hot on my neck. I was melting in his body heat. 

“Let me get you another drink,” he said as the song ended. I bobbed around by myself until he returned, handing me something on the rocks. I took a drink and we started dancing again, right up on each other.

“What’s your name?” I yelled.

“Owen,” he yelled back. I nodded. Someone bumped into me from behind, causing me to slosh my drink.

“Woops!” I laughed. “Better get rid of this!” I gulped it down and managed to set it on a nearby table. I draped my arms around his neck, and he pulled my body close to his. I found myself staring at his mouth while we moved, and then I found myself kissing it. Deeply, passionately. My heart beat faster. We weren’t even dancing anymore, just standing there, being /that/ couple, making out on the dance floor. 

His hands quit their traveling long enough to grab my upper arms and pull me. I yielded. He took my hand and led me away from the dancers. I bumped into Naomi as we left the floor – I thought she would say something catty but she just looked Owen up and down and winked at me. 

Then I saw where we were headed, and I resisted, pulling back against his hand. “No!” I said, “no toi- not the toilent- toi-” My tongue felt like lead. He pulled harder and I stumbled forward. He moved his hand up to my elbow and guided me into the men’s bathroom and into a stall, locking the door behind us. 

He began to kiss me passionately again, and I indulged for a moment before breaking away. “I can’t,” I gasped. He didn’t answer, but kissed me again, hard, bumping my head against the cinderblock wall. I had no energy to resist or explain, /anywhere but here/…

His hands roamed over my body. I heard him unzip his fly. He pushed my dress up and hoisted me up against the wall. 

I let my head tilt back. The last thing I remember seeing was a manicured hand hoisting a cell phone over the top of the stall door.

Ugh ugh ugh I'm really sorry you guys. I kind of hate myself for writing that.

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