MONDAY, 9 SEPTEMBER A new cupcake café is being opened in the Marais. Let's go and try the delicious looking little calorie bombs!

I hadn't seen Lysandra for a few days even though we lived in the same room. Both of us managed to avoid each other perfectly and by the time, everyone else new that the golden duo was split in two halves. Suddenly someone interrupted my thoughts. 
"Oh. You here," Lysandra snorted though she looked a bit insecure. 
"I /live/ here, remember?," I snapped back pulling on my flats. She simply shrugged, grabbed something from her desk and walked to the door. Then she paused on the threshold.
"I wouldn't go to the cupcake café if I were you. Nobody wants you there," Lysandra remarked, fake pity filling her voice.
"So you're a nobody now? Glad you finally noticed!," I answered immediately raising my eyebrows. She just looked at me, her gaze speaking of open hostility. 
When I was alone again I sighed gravely. Lysandra had been the one to start all this. My move had only been revenge, I told myself. Maybe revenge wasn't always sweet.

I reached the cute little café. It looked like a pink bonbon covered with sugar and sparkled in the sunlight seeming like something out of a fairytale. I glanced through the windows and could see tons of cupcakes in every imaginable version decorated with delicate flowers, icy toppings or little sweets. One table was occupied by the LPA girls. I could spot nearly everyone and all of them were chatting. One could sense a slight tenseness, though, but if I hadn't known the girls, I wouldn't have noticed it. From the outside, they just looked like a group of girls having fun, as beautiful as the cupcakes surrounding them. 
But at taking a closer look it became obvious that none of them was as perfect as the seemed. 
One just played with the cupcake in front of her, pushing it over the tiny plate with a little silver fork. 
One took out a little bottle of vodka and added it to her tea. 
One eyed the others, envy on her eyes. 
One anxiously tapped on her cigarettes, waiting for a moment to get out of the café to smoke.
One hugged herself from time to time, her eyes wandering off to another place.
One had dar shadows under her eyes which couldn't be hidden by Touche Eclat. 
And all of them were nervous.
It was so sad to watch, especially knowing that normally, I'd be there too and that if a stranger would watch us, I would be nothing better than the others. We were wrecked down, not only by gossip-net, but by the urge to keep our secrets under cover. 
But what was so bad about our secret? Had any of us murdered someone, tortured a person or had set up someone to save herself?
I knew that I'd done none of these things and yet again, I was too ashamed to admit what I'd done. And to whom. 
The only way of ever leaving the vicious circle would be revealing all of the secrets by choice. Each one had to do it herself without anyone else forcing her. That would be the only way to live a normal, happy life. 
I pushed the doors open. It was a shame that I knew that not one of us would do what I'd just thought about. Not even me. 

Please type "icing" if you read it all.

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Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Lovely dress, dear!

Wrote three years ago
This is so gorgeous dear !!!

Wrote three years ago
Icing :)
This set is gorgeous, and the last part of the story is so true!





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roleplayers galore . . .

roleplayers galore . . .

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The Elite of High Fashion Roleplays

The Elite of High Fashion Roleplays

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