La Puenta High, Julie Bennett
Tunes: Christmas List; Michael Buble 


I looked around my living room. Lydia, Liam, and I had all managed to figure out that meeting at my house for this project would be easiest for the three of us. My mother, who must have been, or wanted to be, an interior decorator in her past life, had recently painted in a dark, blood red and the smell of acrylic still lingered, lightly in the air. 

I had just gotten in from the library, where I had picked up somethings I thought would go well with choosing what we were doing our presentation on. 

"Julie, someone's here!" Paul screeched just as someone rang the doorbell I poked my head into the kitchen, where he was playing World of Warcraft on his computer. 

I forced a smile, "Gee, thanks."

He grinned sarcastically and I went to answer the front door. 

It was Liam, naturally. He was fifteen minutes early, so who knew when Lydia would get here?

"Hi, Liam." I sighed, trying to smile. 

He grinned and stepped inside. He was carrying a box with La Puenta Bakery written on it. "Special place for chocolate chip cookies?" he grinned, holding up the box. 

"Um, I'll take them." I smiled, taking the box. He shrugged out of his jacket and followed me into the living room. "You can put that...wherever." I shrugged, putting the box on the coffee table. 

He put it on the back of the couch, "Any great ideas for the project?"

"Not really. I figure J. K. Rowling doesn't count as a classic American author, so, I'm at a loss." I said sarcastically, sitting in the brown, leather recliner beside the couch. 

He laughed, relaxing into the back of the couch, "That's hilarious." 

Not really, I thought. Instead of being a Negative Nancy, I just laughed.

"Jubilee!" Paul cried, "There's /really/ hot blond walking up to the door." 

Liam laughed wildly again, walking to the door. "That's great, Paul." I sighed. "Just great."
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