It was 12 o'clock the day after Liam's party. I had a fun night, and I think I was hungover for two nights. All I'd managed to do was getting my Mac up in my bed and logging on to Facebook. 

Some of the girls had already uploaded photos from last night. I couldn't recall them photographing. Browsing through them there was 5 or 6 of me and Ben from last night. He was pretty cool, not like the rest of the kids here. 

The chat popped up; 'what are you doing today?'

I smiled a crooked smile when I saw it was Benjamin Moss writing.

'getting fucked in the butt with french and math homework, haha,' I replied quickly.

'sounds unpleasant. i just happen to be half french and son of a math professor, do you need help?'

'that would be fantastic!'

'great. when can i come?'

'can you be here at 2?' I added, 'I live on Juan de Oñate lane. big white house.'

'see you then, char.'

And he logged off. 

I felt slight tickle from within at the forecast of him coming here. At the same time the nerves hit me and I started cleaning up my room. I made the bed, removed the dirty underwear from the floor, put my clothes into the closet, threw out ruined lighters and empty cigarette packages. I showered and put on completely clean clothes. 

15 minutes late he arrived in a black Audi Q7. He tossed a cigarettebutt out of the open window before getting out of the car. 

I opened the front door before he had made his way all over here. "Hi," I smiled and put a tuft of my long brunette hair behind my ear. 

"Hey there. Nice place," he replied and climbed the few steps to the front door. "Funny story," he started as he followed me inside, "I live like three blocks that way," he pointed in direction of the school. "I'm surprised we never run into each other."

"What, really?" I said in disbelief as I closed the door behind us, "why did you take your car then?"

We walked through the kitchen and into the dining room with room for 30 guests around the table. "Didn't know until I typed your address into the GPS."

I'd already taken down my homework and started on the French stuff. "It's basically an essay about France's role in the Second World War," I said as we sat down next to each other at the enormous table, "How does this sound: La Seconde Guerre mondiale est un conflit armé à l'échelle planétaire qui dura…"

Ben cut me off, "Oh, ehm, another funny story," Ben said as he took a seat next to me. "I'm sorry."

"What for?"

"I'm not half French and I'm retarded when it comes to math," he admitted and looked on his hands on the table instead of in my eyes. 

I leaned back in my chair and chuckled. It /was/ too good to be true. "Fuck this then," I closed my books and pushed them away. 

"I just wanted to see you," he looked up at me again. 

"That is so high school," I laughed softly. 

He nodded slowly a smile escaping his lips, "it is. Well, I still have 6 months left before graduating, don't I."

"True," I smiled. This was actually a little sweet. "Why don't you ask me out before cheating your way inside my house?"

"Fine then," he chuckled and crossed his arms, "wanna go out sometime?"

"Sure," I replied immediately as if he asked if I wanted milk in my coffee. 


I thought about Lydia's arrangement, but then again I didn't care about the homecoming as long as there was booze. "I'd love to."

"Deal?" he extended his hand towards me.

I shook it, "deal."
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