"Thanks for coming!!!", Walls and I screamed from the top of our lungs. All of the guests clapped and then some of them turned to the big roller skating zone which we'd ordered. I saw Claire who was held by Tom so that she didn't fall down.

"Hey Walls? This is for you", I said giving her her present. "I know it's not your birthday yet, but..." She unpacked it and found the same necklace I wore plus a fitting bracelet. She put it one.

"Oh, thank you so much hun!", Wallace hugged me. 

"Oh wow what an awesome party!" Luxe uttered when she came to us to give us our presents. Then she directly slipped on some skaters. She'd brought some 80's CDs and we danced and sang along. 
Syd grabbed the micro when it came to Madonna's Sorry. She also entered a table to dance and some other girls followed. This was so crazy!

"I love your outfit!", I said to one of the new girls, Emma. She seemed a bit lonely. But her outfit was great! Iz was eye-catching because of the dark colors in a room filled with rainbows. Her trilby was so cute that I tried it on immediately. 

"You both look wonderful as ever, your presents.." Cyn meant when she air kissed us and s brought out two boxes and handing each of us. I was so excited what was inside!

"You look beautiful honey" I smiled, before giving Cyn a hug.

"Thanks for the prezzie" I said shaking it a little wondering what was inside whilst Wallace surveyed Cynthia's outfit before nodding in agreement.

"Sexy as ever. I think leaving Charles worked out in more ways than one" she said with a wink to which Cyn winked back.

We drank too, too much champagne. All of the girls wanted to toast with us. 

"Wallace, Bella! Happy b-day!", Laura shouted when she arrived. She handed two boxes to us and said: "Feel free to swap if you don't like the design but otherwise im sure you can think of something to use them on."

"We won't have to, I'm sure", Walls declared. 

"Thanks for coming! We love ya!!!!", Wallace&I took a micro and thanked all of the girls. This was the best birthday party ever!, I thought.

"Hi, Bella. Do you have time for your fiancé?", Jason asked and kissed me. 

"Mhm, let me think about it... one sec or two", I grinned and kissed him back.

"I've got a present for you!"

"Another one? Oh, Jason, you shouldn't...", I started, but he laughed and guided me towards a quiet corner outside of the hall.

"Let me present: This is Toto", Jason smiled and handed a lovely little puppy over to me. Toto licked my face and I giggled.

"Oh, he's soooo cute! Thank you, Jason!", I said and pressed a kiss on lips again.

"I hope Wallace won't feel bothered when this little boy is in our room."

"You'll have something that'll remind you of me. I'll have to travel to London for two or three days, honey. I'm sorry, but this can't be avoided."

"Everything reminds me of", I whispered, pressing my body against his. 

"Uhm, Bella I don't think doing this is a good idea...", Jason wanted to stop me.

"We're in a hotel dear!", I laughed.

"That's not the problem. Look at Toto", he answered and pointed towards the dog.
It looked like he wanted to...

"No, Toto, stop!" I took him and ran into the garden which belonged to the hotel. 

"Haha, I think you two will be a lot of fun!", Jason said with a crooked smile.
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