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I loved the shopping events. Usually.
I hate shopping when I wanna cry the whole day.

"Baby girl, let's go!", Luxe said. "A day without Jason, can you handle it?"

I didn't answer and just followed her. By now, I hadn't told one of my girls about the fact I was a single. Okay, I texted Wallace about it, but that had been stupid.

"I'm thinking about going to London for half a year or so. To study and to improve my English", I said to Luxe.

"You don't need to dear and we'll miss you a lot! But... oh, Jason's there, right? You wanna follow him, I can understand that."

If she thought so... I didn't want her to think anything different. I just wanted to go away. Because I was jealous. That sounds evil, but I couldn't change it. My friends were happy, pregnant, married, engaged. But me? I couldn't keep a guy. They'd rather hook up with a bombshell. This wouldn't be different in London or anywhere else, but I thought that it'd be the only way. I could do everything different there, nobody would know me. Me and my pathetic life.

The sale was amazing and I bought a few pieces. On another day, I would have been more than happy, but not today. I just planned everything. 

The party afterwards was a great spectacle. We had a lot of fun (or pretended to). For me, it was some kinda goodbye. I didn't notice that I sipped drink after drink. Heavy ones. 

I thought that my phone rang and put it outta my clutch. It didn't. Instead, the display was enlightened and showed a picture of Jason and me. 

I had to call him.

"Jason?", I mumbled really drunk when the phone was picked up.

"No, here's his girlfriend, Rachel. Who's there?"

She knew who was there. My name had to be shown.

"Can you please tell him that it was great? The best I've ever had? He'll know what I mean", I said. But it didn't feel better.

Suddenly, Jason was on the phone.

"What the f.uck... Bella?!", he gasped.

"I love you", I stuttered. I didn't want to, but who cared? 

"What do you want?", he said coldly. 

"I wanted to hear your voice. One last time", I murmured. 
Then I hang up.

One hour later, we still partied and I'd nearly forgotten the call.

"Isabella?", I heard my name. 

"Greg! What are you doing here?", I wanted to know.

"Well... Jason called me. He was scared that you'd do something like... bad to yourself. But he couldn't come so..."

"I guess he's coming somewhere else", I interrupted him. "His worries can't be that big if he sends you."

"Maybe. But my are. All this", he made a gesture which contained the whole room, "isn't good for you."

"I'm fine!"

"N, you're not. C'mon with me, I'll take you to the University."

All of a sudden, tears ran own my cheeks. "I'm sorry for having destroyed your relationship with Walls. Really!"

"I'm sorry this happened, too. But not because of the kiss. It was you, Bella. I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. I just couldn't...", Greg stopped.

"Don't say this! Then all this with Walls would have been a lie!"

"No, it wasn't. I tried to calm myself down. You were with my brother! Wallace is a wonderful, incredible girl. But she's not the one I'm meant to be with and the other way round."
Greg put his arms around me and pulled me closer to him. 

"Greg, don't", I sighed.


"Because... this is wrong. I can't be with my best friend's ex! My ex's brother! Plus, it's too early", I meant while his lips nearly were on mine. I couldn't think anymore.

"You're right", Greg answered and took a step backwards. It's too early. But for the other things... don't worry! I'll talk to them!"

I wanted to say no, but I felt so weak that I couldn't.

"So, and now come with me. I can carry you if you want", Greg laughed. 

We went to my room and I lay down on my bed. Greg put the blanket over me. 

"Your dress", he stuttered. "It'll be..."

"Oh, right...", I mumbled, half asleep. "Can you please help me with the zipper?"

"I don't know whether I can...", Greg whispered, but he did. Then he stroke my cheek. 

"You're worth waiting. And I don't want you to be drunk", he said. 

"Good plan", I responded before I fell asleep. If there should be a little chance for us, we didn't have to hurry.
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