Nov 21: Head to #40 Boulevard Haussmann and attend the annual lighting of the giant Christmas tree of the Galeries Lafayette, sponsored by La paris Prep. Be sure to stand under the giant tree to get into the christmas season's mood, see the most spectacular views and hear all the carols around.

"Bella, please come with us!", Luxe begged. We met on the campus. 

"You haven't been in your room since Jason's out of hospital. Please spend one night with your girls!"

"I'm sorry Luxe, but I can't, really! Jason has to stay at home and I want to spend as much time as possible with him. Please understand that." I felt so sorry. I missed my girls. But I had Jason back. I was scared to loose him again. 

"Okay, your decision", Luxe shrugged. "But I don't think that it's fair to forget about us."

"I didn't...", I started, but Luxe turned around and walked towards the Octagon. 
I sighed. Within my heart, I knew that she was right. I didn't really know about her and Samuel, I didn't even meet him! I didn't talk to Frankie about her wedding. I'd noticed that Claire had problems with the ballet and the she was too skinny by now. And I didn't speak to my wonderful roomie, Wallace. 
I'm such a b*tch, I thought. But I couldn't help it. It was like a big pressure to spend all the time with Jason. Otherwise, he could be gone again...

"Hey honey", Jason kissed me when I walked into his apartment, "how was design?"

"Good", I mumbled and sat down on the sofa.

"What's the problem, Bella? You look so disappointed."

"I had some kinda argument with Luxe. About that I'm not at LPP that often and that I dunno anything about my friends' lifes."

"I told it to you, you should have gone to some clubs with them and you shouldn't move over here!"

"Don't you wanna have me?"

"Nonsense, Bella. I could have you around me the whole day, I want you around my whole live. But you can't give up your whole life just because you're scared."

"I'm not..."

"Oh yes, you are! I see it in your eyes. You're scared that I might be away when you leave, that I don't feel good. That's lovely, Bella. But that's not the person you are. The bubbly, fierce, shy girl I fell in love with."
He was so damn right.

"Claire called me", Jason said. "She told me about the lightning of the christmas tree. And I thought we should go and meet our friends."

"Jason, it'll be cold. And after that, there's this party. You're not fit enough by now!"

"But I am. Please, think about it. And... don't you wanna bring this bag into the other room?", he grinned.

I stood up and walked towards the sleeping room. On the bed, there was a big package with a red bow around it.

"Is this... for me?"
He nodded.
"But it's not christmas yet!", I laughed starting to unpack the box. 

"Oh Jason!", I gasped holding up the breathtaking Phillip Lim dress. It shone all over because of the little sequins. It looked elegant because of the black satin bow around the waist.

"This is so amazing!"

"Just like you", he whispered and hugged me. 

So we went to the event.
I got to know Sam, I gave as much petit fours as possible to Claire, I discussed with Frankie about her dress and I talked to Wallace.
And I felt happy. 

At midnight, the giant tree was lighted. 

"One wish", Jason said and leaned over to kiss hi softly.

"I don't have a wish", I smiled. "But... I need to tell you something. I'll move to LPP again."

"I knew. That's the best for you, Bella. We can spent so much time together, we'll have our whole life!"

"So you're not angry?"

"I'll miss you", Jason answered, "but we'll meet like before. LPP is your big dream. And you should live it!"

"Thanks Jason." 
This was a great night. We danced till the sun came up and the snow glittered in the bright light.
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awesome, great set !!!!!

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