Whitney had invited us (means Brenda, Cally, Claire, Cynthia, Laura, Suzanne, Wallace and me) to a lunch at Le maximum. I thought she just wanted to get to know the girls better. They all seemed nice, but they were new and I really wanted to talk to all of them. 
We sat at the big table in the crowded restaurant and waited for - Whitney herself.

When she stepped in, I hugged her and asked with a smile:
"Whitney, what's the reason for being late this time? A short shopping spree?"

"Oh my god Bella, you won't believe it: I just ran into Gabriel!" I raised my eyebrows. 

Wallace asked:
"Oh my god. Gabriel's here in Paris???"

Whitney sat down and told us the story.
"Yes, he just arrived from Manhattan."

"Okay Whitney, tell us what really happened between you and him in Moscow", Claire uttered. 

And Whitney started to tell how they broke up and ended up together again.
"Actually, we're not back with each other yet, I want him to beg and plead guilty to all his sins after he did that to me!"

"Aw dear, don't worry! Gab will change for god, I mean he is like the only guy for you", Brenda tried to calm her down. 
We all nodded. 

"Oh c'mon Whitney, you don't deserve to be hurt by anyone. You're such a sweetheart!", Cally cheered Whitney up. 

"Thanks sweeties", Whitney sniffed, "and from now on, please call me Luxe. I better leave Whitney in my past because she is a weak girl, a slave for love...I will never be that old Whitney Ellingson again. Cheers?"

"Cheers!", we toasted and sipped some more champagne. 

I looked around in the restaurant and suddenly I noticed Zara, the girl who was the reason why Gabriel and Whit- Luxe broke up. It seemed that she'd been listening to us all the time. 

"Luxe...", I started and gestured towards Zara. 

"Oh my god!", Wallace whispered again when she saw Zara, too. 

"Don't worry girls, I can handle this", Luxe stood up.
She walked towards Zara. I couldn't understand what she said to her, but it didn't seem nice. 

"I did not steal Gabriel from you! He was just drunk that night you left Moscow, we bumped into each other and ...", Zara responded loudly.

"And then you bumped again in a different way? You ride him home and take advantage of him?! How dare you! You are the reason why we broke up, you've been flirting with him and really liked him from the start! Do you have problem with me?!", Luxe exclaimed. 
Some of the girls stood up.

"Just leave, Zara", Laura begged.

"Yes, please leave", said Suzanne. 

Finally, Zara stepped outside the restaurant. 
I hugged Luxe and guided her back to the table. 

"She just wants to get in the club, with us but doing that to you she will need to try hard to get back our trust", Suzanne meant. 

"You know what revenge is sweet, I am in if you want her out LPP..", Cynthia proposed with a cold smile.
"Thanks girls, I really love you all", Luxe stuttered and we hugged each other.

I thought that it was good that we stuck together that close. But I didn't want drama at LPP. I already had had enough drama, now I wanted to calm dow. Okay, that wasn't really possible because Miranda was there, too. But I was the president! If the girls would start to fight, I would be responsible for this! I sighed. That wasn't very easy...
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