"Happy birthday, honey!!!", Wallace said and hugged me.
 "Do you mind if you receive your real present at the party?" 

I wondered what she meant by real present. She'd baked a bunch of cupcakes and put roses in our hole room so it smelled fantastically. 

"No, I don't mind. Thank you so much hun!", I laughed. I was so happy because we had a free day, no school, no homework, and I could meet Jason. He invited me to a fancy dinner. 

First I opened some of the presents by my family. 
"Wow, look at that dress!", I screamed. It was so soft and wonderful, I would wear it to the dinner. 

Jason picked me up at the Village. 
"Happy birthday, gorgeous", he whispered and kissed me softly, but passionately. 
I melted in his arms. The day couldn't get better! Okay, he had to work after the dinner and I had to meet Miranda, but...

"Hey, what are you thinking about? C'mon", Jason smiled and took my hand. 

The restaurant was so luxurious! I loved it.
"Great choice, Jason", I said. 
We sat down and one of the waiters bought the meal for us.

"Jason, I need your advice...", I started and told him about Miranda. 

"You have to meet her, Bella. It's never good to have enemies, especially when you live with them on the campus. And you have to watch out, you're the school president. Then it's even worse." Finally, I decided to meet her. 

"You look so adorable, Bella. I have so many other things in mind then to go and leave you now...", Jason said after the dinner. I broke out into laughter. 

"We'll have enough time for this, later. And I don't mean tomorrow, I mean..."

"I know." I thought about our engagement. 

"Jason, I..."

"Sorry that I interrupt you, Bella. But I won't forget about your present!"

"I thought it was the dinner?", I asked surprised. 

"Not only. Bella, since we're engaged, I wanna meet your parents and you have to meet mine, too. So I want to give you these tickets as a present. They're for the next weekend. I rent a chateau in the Provence and invited my parents and yours to come!"

"Oh Jason, that's so sweet! Thank you, thank you, thank you!", I cried.
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