I was totally upset because of Jean. It was difficult: I kinda missed him, but on the other hand I was glad that he'd showed his real face. Work was a good distraction for me. 
"Hello Bella", the man who was responsible for me today greeted me. I took a seat next to him and watched how he styled the model's hair. After that, I had to try it myself. It worked pretty good!
Everybody was absolutely excited and in a hurry. The models seemed a little bit bored and some nearly slept while the visagist finished their make-ups. 

"You can make a break now. Good job", Giancome, my "chef" told me. I stood up and stretched. 

"Exhausted, Bella?"

"Jason!", I smiled and hugged him, "What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to look at the models", he grinned, "no, truth be told, I want to support you today and to look at what you do. It seems like you're having fun."

We walked outside and sat down on the stairs in front of the building. 
"Jason, I've gotta tell you something. Jean broke up with me." I informed him about the whole story.

"This...! He's such an idiot, Bella! I could go to him directly and hit him in his damn face!", Jason yelled.

"Calm down", I said and took his hand.

"Yes, you're right. Sorry. He isn't worth this. But... I'm very sorry for you. Is there anything I could do for you?"

"Just be there for me, that's all I need."
Jason stroke my back and hugged me. I felt this mysterious feeling between us again.
No one of us said a word for a while. Suddenly, Jason raised my chin softly to make me look into his eyes.
"Bella, I'd like to kiss you know. Whould you mind?", he asked like they do in these old, hyper-romantic movies.

"To be true, I do, Jason. Not because I don't want to kiss you, really. But I'm single since a few hours and I think that it's too early to stumble into the next relationship right away. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do, absolutely. But don't forget Bella: If you want to be kissed again, I wanna be the first one to know."
I nodded and laughed. Yes, he would defiantly be.

I wanted to go back again, but then a man stopped me.
"Where've you been??? C'mon, you don't have enough time to sit around and flirt!" He took my hand and leaded me back to the crew. Then I had to sit down and a hairstylist and a visagist started to care for my hair and make-up.

"What...?". I wanted to ask, but the visagist interrupted me.

"Don't move!! Don't blink, don't speak, don't even breath!" I shut my mouth. 

"Put this on!", a woman commanded me. She wanted me to wear a bra and lace panties! Why?

"I'm sorry, but..."

"No but. We need you now, right now. It's your job!"
This belonged to my job? Nobody had told me about that! But okay, I didn't want to get fired. I slipped on the underwear and felt very uncomfortable. The models around me seemed so self-confident. I noticed Cynthia, who talked to a guy who couldn't look into her eyes. I would never talk to guy I didn't know, especially when I wore underwear which nearly didn't covered the most important things!
"Go! Just walk after this blondie."

Before I couldn't even blink, I walked down a catwalk. I didn't know what to do and I wanted to turn around. But then I saw Jason in the front row who gasped and the put up his thump. I threw a smile to him and walked like there would be only him. I even blew a kiss to him at the end of the catwalk and then walked back. 

"Great!", the woman said to me. I felt relief, but I was disappointed, too. That had been so much fun!
Some of the reporters came to me after the show and asked who I was. 
The man who had leaded me to the show wanted to know: "You're not one of the booked models?" I shook my head. "Ups. But you should be, you're great. Call me tomorrow, I've got another job for you", he smiled. I laughed and took his card.

"Great, Bella!", Jason said and I threw myself into his arms.

"You looked so hot!", he whispered into my ear. There was just pure fun and love in his eyes.

"Yes, honey?"

"I'm ready now", I mumbled. He looked at me with huge eyes and then a big smiled brightened his face. He kissed me and I felt like the happiest girl in the whole world.
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