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"Bon anniversaire dear! Thanks for the invitation", I shouted and hugged Yasmine. "This is your present."

"Merci, Bella! Let's put it over there. I'm so happy you girls had time!", Yazz answered.

"Of course we do, we wouldn't miss this."

Yazz turned around to greet some other guests. I looked around. Everything looked so spectacular! A great DJ put the hippest music on, there was a looong bar where the drinks were served. It had been a wonderful idea of Yazz' to throw this cocktail party. 

"Hello, Isa. Where did you leave Jason? Do you want a drink?"
Just one person at LPP would call me Isa.

"Not where you can get him, Miranda. And no, I don't want to drink with you", I responded, my voice colder than ice.

"Don't call me like that!"
 "Isabella, can't you forgive me? Look, it's been in the past, so far away!", Miranda begged. 

"I don't know whether you're reliable, Miranda. Plus, I'm engaged know. And I really want to marry him and don't wanna catch him in bed with you."

"You can't really trust him if you can imagine this", Miranda snapped.

My eyes filled with tears immediately.
"And why am I not able to? Because of you, Miranda!", I whispered. Don't cry now, I said to myself. 

"I just want to spend a nice night, Miranda. And I can't if you hang around with me. Let me alone", I said. 

"I'll try again, Isa...bella. I changed, really."
I shrugged and turned around. 
Then I bumped directly into Jean. Great, this night couldn't get better.

"Bella!", he said and smiled.

"What are you doing here I thought you already moved away?", I asked without greeting him.

Jean looked down at me engagement ring.
"Jason, right?", he wanted to know. I just nodded
"You had something with him when we were together?"

"No!", I protested loudly. 

"Jean! Nice to meet you", Miranda said and hugged him.

"You know each other?" I was totally confused.

"Of course we do! We went to school together and when I went to Paris, I called him. We met a few times", Miranda smiled.

In my head there where some thoughts now. I had heard that Miranda wanted to go to the USA before she applied at LPP...
Jean looked at me.

"Bella, it's...", he started.
"It's like I think, no? You broke up with me because of that sl.ut!"

"What? I don't understand!", Miranda said in confusion.

"Don't act like that. You stole my boyfriend. Again!"

"Bella, she didn't know that I had a girlfriend."

"Of course she didn't. Miranda is such an angel, she knows nothing. And let me guess: You slept with her, but it was an accident, right?"
Jason blushed. I was right, he'd betrayed me.

"Isa, I really didn't know that you two went out together!"

"Maybe you should think first before you jump into bed with someone!", I exclaimed. 

Miranda was absolutely speechless.
"Bella, don't make such a drama. People are watching us."

"How often?", I asked, my voice breaking down. 

"You don't have to know that." Meant more than once.
I shook my head in disbelief and went to my friends who were dancing. I didn't want to think about anything now. I just wanted to get an empty head. I looked down at my engagement ring. And this time, for the first time since I wore it, I didn't smile.
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