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DEC 15: WEDDING of the Year "Alexander David James and Francesca Isabelle Lusino" Witness Alex & Frankie's big day where else at Santorini,Greece! Wear your goddess inspired outfits.

We traveled to Greece to celebrate the biggest, most wonderful party of the year: my best friend Frankie's wedding with Alex. They were the most amazing couple you can think of. It was such a great event! 
I flew with Jason and in front of us, there were Wallace and Greg. I was unconscious about their status, but they seemed to have fun and Wallace looked happy. And that was the main point. 

The wedding itself was awesome. It took place at the beach. Since I was the first maid, I stood next to Frankie. Jason blinked at me and smiled. I imagined him and me standing there, ready to say "yes". 
Frankie looked so beautiful in her long dress, her hair decorated with a flower. But the most gorgeous thing was her smile. I think nobody noticed any of the other girls there. 

"Do you want to...", it began and my thoughts drifted away. I looked down at my engagement ring and then back at Jason who eyed the lovely couple. 
He's perfect, I thought. And then I noticed Greg, who looked at me. He grinned when our eyes met and I had a strange feeling. To avoid it, I concentrated on the ceremony again. I was so happy for Frankie, whose wishes finally came true. The big final came: the kiss. 
And I noticed again that Greg's eye were locked on me...

The party afterwards was stunning. We could dance and the meal was great. 

"Do you want to dance, Bella?", Jason asked and took my hand.

"Did you imagine the same like me?", I smiled.

"What? That they are a wonderful couple? And that it's wonderful for one of your best friends? Yes", he answered. 

"I meant something else", I mumbled, but he didn't seem to listen to me. I stared at my ring again. He's a guy, I said to myself, he's just not romantic.

"My turn, brother", Greg said and we changed partners. 

"You enjoyed it", he made clear.

"Oh, yes. And it was great that you could come though it was that late!", I cheered. 

"I didn't want to miss this. You have wonderful friends", Greg answered. 

"This one you like best, no?", I smiled and pointed towards Wallace. 

"She's lovely."

"True that. She's my best friend on the whole planet!"

"I know. You'd never hurt her, no?", Greg thought loudly and looked into my eyes.

"I don't wanna hurt anybody who I love", I stated. 

"I thought that", Greg nodded and let out a little sigh. 

"You thought of your own wedding, no?", he continued after a while.

"Yes. Though Jason seemed to have other thoughts. Sometimes", I said with a sour voice, "sometimes I think that he just... forgets that he's engaged."

"How could he dare? Nobody could ever forget you", Greg tried to cheer me up. "Do you wanna go outside? It's just too crowded here", he suggested. 
I searched for Jason who seemed to have fun with one of Frankie's cousins who looked like a model. She threw her hair back and laughed like what he said was the funniest thing she ever heard. I sighed and nodded. Greg guided me outside. The air was still warm though the sun was already gone. 

"Sometimes, Jason just can't show it", Greg began. "He's so into you, but..."

"But he wants to have fun." 

"He was a player, you know? Before he met you. I don't wanna gossip about him, really. It's just the truth. I thought you should know."

"I already did. And I know that he had sorrows about the wedding. I wonder if it's the right thing..."

"Don't say something like that! You tow are meant to be!"

"Thanks. If only we were as sure as you are." 
We stared up to the full moon. Greg put his arm around me and I leaned my head against his shoulder.

"It's been to fast", I whispered. Greg didn't answer.
Suddenly, we heard laughter and voices. I saw long, dark hair and the back of a person which seemed familiar to me. The two people went to some trees and started to kiss there. The really enjoyed it. We already heard some loud moans and it seemed like the guy opened the girl's dress which was already as short as possible. The girl whispered something into the boy's ear and now I could see her: It was Frankie's cousin who'd talked to Jason before. She ran her fingers through his brown hair and he moaned again. I heard her lovely laughter again which I knew from the party.

"I wanna do it! Now!", she commanded him and we could hear it. He laughed and it seemed like they came to the final point now. 

"Yes!", she screamed and I heard the name "Rachel".

"We should go, c'mon", Greg whispered and guided me inside again. I shivered all over when I looked for Jason. I couldn't find him.

"Bella", Greg started, but I interrupted him. 

"I... can you get me something to drink?"

"Sure? Bella, I..."

"Greg! Nothing's wrong!", I said and he turned around. 
We sipped a drink for a few minutes and then I felt arms around my waist. 

"Hello, gorgeous", Jason mumbled into my ear. I turned around and he kissed me. 

"I was searching fro you, where have you been?", he asked. 

"We were... outside", I answered. Jason raised his eyebrows, but he didn't show any other reactions.

"Yeah, hot in here", he said and kissed me again. His hair was a mess like so often. 

"Where is your new friend?", I asked. 

"Who? Oh, you mean Frankie's cousin Rachel? Well, she's... I dunno. I left her to look for you."

Greg glared at his brother, but he didn't say anything.

"Do you know what I'd love to do now?", Jason whispered so Greg couldn't hear us.

"Isn't it too early for it?", I responded, but he just laughed. 

"Let's got to our room, honey."

I noticed that he was sweaty, but I said to myself that it was because he danced so long. 

"Do you love me?", I asked.

"Of course! You know that, Bella", he answered.

"You don't hurt someone you love", Greg repeated my words.

"Right", Jason responded. He seemed confused. 

"Jason!", I heard a female voice. Rachel reached us, her long, shiny her behind her. She hugged Jason and grinned. Her lipstick didn't cover her whole lip anymore and her was little bit messy. 

"Is this your adorable little girlfriend?", she asked and linked her arm in his.

"Yes, this is...", Jason started, but I interrupted him. 

"I'm his fiancée. And you are?"

"Oh, didn't he tell you? We already knew each other! How funny, no? We studied together."

"Then I guess you had to tell each other very much."

"You can call it like that", Rachel said and flashed a bright smile. She pressed herself against Jason. 
"He's such a sweetie", she meant. "You should be lucky to have him."

"I am."

"Do you gave a date for the wedding yet?", she asked. I shook my head. 
"Oh, well. I thought. I have to talk to Frankie now. But Jason? I'll be in Paris the next days. I'd never been there! Maybe you can show me some buildings and the whole stuff?"

"Of course, Rachel", Jason smiled. She hugged him again and waved before she turned around.

"Nice, no? I think you'll be great friends", he said, still starring after her. She threw a kiss to him and disappeared in the crowd.

"You know for a long time, don't you?", I wanted to know. 

"Yes, we were best friends in college", Jason said, his eyes getting dreamy like he had some great memories. 

"I'll get to know her better I think", I mumbled and threw a glance to Greg who had listened to us. I couldn't say what his expression was, but it seemed hard.
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