We had a new kind of date night—a double date. We went out with my friend (Suzy) and her boyfriend (Bryan) for dinner and it was a lot of fun. ^_^ I really enjoyed Suzy & Bryan they are one cool peeps. 

So here's the story:

Gabriel and I were so excited to meet Suzy & Bryan near Union Square. Gab helped me packed some gifts for them. Our limo sent us both at Union Square where we both meet Suzy & Bryan.

"Suzy!" I hugged her and said, "Haha as if we never see each other it's like just this morning or yesterday we went out shopping? " I giggled.

Suzy laughed and said, "I miss you already Luxe, oh by the way this is Bryan, Bryan meet Luxe & Gabriel her beau."

"Hello, please to meet both of you." Bryan smiled and shook our hands.

"Oh he is a cute & nice guy Suzy! Nice catch! You should tell me something more bout him." I whispered at her.
Suzy giggled.

"Gabriel went back to the limo to get the gifts and said, "Suzy this one's for you, and Bryan, here's for you, a humble gift from me & Luxe." My Gabirel smiled.

"He is soo sweet he even helped me pick and wrap those gifts." I uttered.

"Oh thank you Luxe/Gabriel, you don't need to do this. But thanks!" Suzy & Bryan said.

"We just accept thank yous as appreciation." I exclaimed. Lol "I am just kidding I really want to give you guys something just keep em as simple remembrance from us. So shall we go ahead? Chef Nick is waiting for us now. Hop in the limo." I said.

On our way to Gramercy park Hotel all 4 of us were already so noisy and talking exchanging some cool stories and topics that we all enjoyed and laughed about.

So, we had a reservation at a private dinner in a stylish Roman restaurant called "Maialino" located in the Gramercy Park Hotel.

The executive chef, Nick Anderer, personally served us their Roman-style specialties. (1) The Bucatini all”Amatriciana, the soul satisfying marriage of pancetta or guanciale, onions, tomatoes and peperoncini. (2) The Porchetta panini, the flavor is exquisite with the satisfying taste of herbs and the bread is spot on crispy and tender making the whole experience. He also served (3) The crackling pizza bianca which is an outstanding Italian & Roman style pizza some desserts such as gelatos, chocolate tartufo and pure Roman red wines.

After the scrumptious meal, we head to Regal Cinemas Union Square Stadium 14, to watch "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" movie. We had so much fun altogether. The date is going well so after the movie ends, we all leisurely stroll along Broadway get back to Union Square Park, and end the night sitting outside with a beverage at Union Square Cafe.

At the end of the night Gabriel and I head to his comfy penthouse. We walked inside and surprised me with coloful hydrangeas scattered around the room. "Aww Gabriel, I love you soo much they are soo beautiful!" I said.

Gabriel looked into my eyes passionately and without a word I just felt his sweet lovely lips kissing mine..."I love you Luxe....I am falling in love with you each and every day.... Be mine forever..." Then he kissed me intensely, passionately and held me into his strong arms and put me to bed... naked. ;-) lol *censored*

We snuggle, we tease each other and make love like there's no tomorrow. So that's it!

^_^ Fun double dates like this, makes your guy more romantic to be with you alone, to spend the rest of the eve with you to show his love & affection awww

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