[yayy, lst :D i've had the most part of this story and set done for a long time now. just got in the mood to finish it.]

I slowly opened the front door and looked around, “Jared?” I called out with no response.
“Maria?” I called out again and likewise, there was no response.
I breathed out a sigh of relief and opened the door wider and snapped my fingers a few times, “Come here!” I yelled and the cute blonde lab that treaded her way into the apartment. I found her on the street and I felt so bad for her, she was just so cute.
I snapped at her to follow me to Jared’s bathroom and I shut the door behind us so she couldn’t escape. She happily wagged her tail and looked at me. I smiled and spoke to her, “I have to change before I give you a bath or you’ll ruin this $500 dollar dress…” I knew she couldn’t understand, but she was so cute. I had always wanted a dog, but Jason didn’t really like animals…
I picked her up and set her down in the tub as I changed into some ratty clothes and threw my hair up in a messy bun.
“And now you need a bath.” I smiled at her as she wagged her tail excitedly.
I turned on the tub and tried to get it at a good temperature and picked her up, placing her in.
I had managed to race inside the drugstore, getting dog things while some kid watched her. She calmly sat down and let me bathe her. She looked at me with those eyes and I managed to let out an “Awwwww.”
I quickly washed her and grabbed a towel drying her off, “So you have to be really really good when Jared gets home. This is his apartment and he gets the last say on if you get to stay here… But you’re so cute, I don’t think he could resist you… Although it would have definitely helped if you had breasts, but that might be a tiny bit weird.” I sighed, rambling.
“Babe!! I’m home!!” I heard Jared’s voice travel through the apartment.
“Okay, you stay in here. I’ll butter him up.” I left the bathroom door ajar and closed the bedroom door walking into the kitchen where Jared was.
“I brought takeout home. It was such a long day and I didn’t want to wait.” He smiled at me, leaning over to kiss me.
“Sounds yummy!” I grinned at me.
“How long have you been home?”
I shrugged, “Probably 30 minutes or so…”
He smiled, “Did you wash something? Your shirt has water spots all over it.”
My breath hitched, “Just washed my hands, I guess I got it everywhere.” I smiled.
He raised his brow, “I guess so…”
I smiled at hm, “So dinner?”
He nodded as he grabbed plates out of the cabinet, “How was work?” He asked me making the two of us a plate of food.
I shrugged, “Work… I’m tired of being an intern. I need to figure out something else to do with fashion. I think I am going to hunt for a new job soon.”
He smiled at me, “Anything you want, you’ll get. Especially with fashion… Your closet is filled with so much designer sh*t… as good as you look in them. I can’t tell the difference between the designers…”
I grinned, “That’s because you have a p.enis… and you are straight. I’d be a little worried if you knew fashion as well as me.”
“No worries there. I won’t b*tch about you taking half my closet if you just keep wearing those skimpy lingerie things…” He smirked at me and I blushed.
“If we move, we should definitely get an apartment with two separate closets… I can’t share one with you.”
He walked over to me and put the plate in front of me and kissed me on my temple, “If you want, I’ll get you three closets.”
I blushed, grinning, “Thank you baby. You want to go watch some tv while we eat?” I asked him and suddenly we both heard the dogs bark and my heart stopped.
“Did you hear that?” He set his plate down and walked into the living room to see where the sound came from.
“Hear what?” I acted confused.
“I could have sworn that I heard a dog bark…” 
“Maybe it was a neighbors?” I reasoned with him.
He shrugged, “I guess so…” He walked back into the kitchen and grabbed his plate.
Another dog bark rang out and I stopped, “Okay, you had to hear that?”
I shrugged, “Okay, baby… you can’t be mad…”
He narrowed his eyes, “What is it?”
I held my finger up to signal him to wait and I ran into the bedroom, where the puppy was scratching on the door, wanting to get out.
I picked her up and walked back into the kitchen, “Babe, we can’t have dog!” Jared said before I could even get a word in edgewise.
I pouted, “Why not? She’s perfect and so cute. I found her on the street… I don’t want to have to take her back to the pound.”
“We both have jobs… we can’t leave her in the house… She’ll ruin everything.”
“Maybe we could put her in some daycare… Just until we figure out how to train her or something. Pwease…” I pouted, holding her up to face him.
He sighed, “But…” He trailed on.
“I swear we’ll train her. She’ll be absolutely perfect!!”
He sighed, “Fine… but she has to be trained!!”
I squealed happily, “Thank you baby!! I promise, she will be!” I set her down and threw my arms around his neck, kissing him deeply. He pulled away from me as he looked behind me. The puppy sat herself on the chair and grabbed the eggroll off the plate I set up on the table.
I grinned at him, “We have to keep her. She loves Chinese food as much as we do!!”
He groaned, “I want to fight you on this, but I love that you’re happy…”
I grinned, “I love you baby.”
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