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Sophia, LST

I could feel the sweat down my back as I ran up and down the length of the bar, trying to sort everyone’s orders out. It was a typical night. The guys doing fu.ck all except flirting whilst I was working hard to keep the customers at bay. 
 Too busy grabbing a couple of beers; I didn’t notice the guy who jumped over the bar until he was standing near me.
"What the hell are you doing?" I stared at him. "What the fuck? Get out of here before I call security!" 
"I was just wondering if you needed any help." 
I tried to push him back but I couldn’t. "I don't need any help, I have those two knuckleheads already fucking things up, I don't need another dick around." I motioned to Jay and Sam, who were flirting shamelessly with the girls at the counter, coincidentally not getting anyone but them drinks. 
"But you see there's a difference between me and them." He shrugged and I put my hands to my waist, a bored look on my face. Like I hadn’t heard this before.
"Oh please, amuse me." 
He picked up a glass, filling it and passing it to Jared, who just rolled his eyes. "You see they might fuck you over and then not help clean up the mess," He then turned to me, leaning closer. "But trust me, when I fuck you over, I'll be sure to help clean the mess." 
I was completely unimpressed and I knew my face was showing it. "There are 5 other guys in the back that I've known for years, I know every trick in the book pretty boy."
 "I wasn't aware we were tricking each other, just telling you the truth." 
I scoffed, snatching the glass from his hand "Stop talking and start working. You're not getting paid for this by the way." 
"Just being around your lovely presence is enough payment for me." 
We continue to work and I couldn’t help but notice he wasn’t that bad at what he was doing. "So... What's your name?" 
I just looked at him. "Why does it matter?" 
"Well I'm Ashton." 
I bit my lip. I knew that already. "I know, you're Jared's brother..."
"You know Jared?" 
I nodded. "I live in the same building as you." 
"So we're going to be seeing a lot of each other huh?" 

I scoffed and rolled my eyes. "I sure as hell hope not."

 I saw him smirk in my direction but I brushed it off, ignoring him as I continued to serve drinks to the many customers surrounding me.

“So, do you think we are on the same floor?” He asked, eyebrow raised. I sighed, not even turning to look at him.

“No, we’re not.”

“How do you know?” I looked at him blankly.

“Because you’re on the floor below.” 

“So you’re a stalker then?” I turned sharply to look at him, a glass of whatever in my hand.

“Hell no.” I frowned. Since when did knowing what floor someone lives on in the same building class as stalking? If that was the case, then I was stalking everyone in the building and they should beware.

He smirked. “Then how do you know what floor I live on?” I glared and ignored him, handing the drink to the guy in front of me.

“See, you have no answer. Which means, you’re either A) a stalker or B) you think I'm hot. Now, I would like to think that you’re option B but I can never be too sure these days, many girls are just option A when it comes to me.”

“Cocky much. I'm neither, I'm just C) observant. It what neighbours do. Now, can I get back to doing my job?” 

He nodded and smiled, backing away before he was out from behind the bar. “Bye stalker.” He gave me one last grin before disappearing in the crowds, most probably off to find Jared or another girl he could annoy. 

I glared until I could no longer see him before going back to serving drinks. I was secretly fuming, how dare he think I was a stalker. Yeah, sure he was hot, but there was no way in hell I was stalking him, I was just aware of what floor he lived on, just like I knew everybody else’s floor in the building. I must have been completely daydreaming because I loud yell brought me back to reality.

“Are you serving drinks lady or are you just gonna stand there all day?” Shaking my head, I quickly apologised to the guy before getting his beers. 

“There you go.” The guy glared and walked away, no tip and no thanks. Muttering under my breath, I shook my head. It was going to be a long night.
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It really is...

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obviously not, which is a shame.

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I must not be around the right women.

Wrote 6 years ago
Now that does surprise me, here's me thinking you'd be told on a daily basis.


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