I babysat today
A cute little guy!
<3 Named Mason.
In htown..
&I seen Jaycee Lynn. <3
& 'Her' Group. 
It made me sick to stomache.
But anyways..
:/ Me & the babe was at the park.
Feeding the ducks(:
'Her' group came over..
& swung on the swings. 
They were yelling... names at me.
Uncalled for names.
Jaycee Lynn yelled me a ugly heartbreaker.
& was asked how could you fuckw/someone so

That hurt me.
A boy yelled.. something bout why i was 'lez'
& blah blah, because i was too UGLY
to a get some dick. :/
& I looked over.. hurt!
& She made eye contact with me..
& nodded &said..
 'i know right. i just used her for the parties' 
FML! & Started to kiss one of the douches!

I feel so ugly.
& Wrong. 
I feel like.. this smile on my face, 
can't hold muc longer.
I wanna cut..
all down my thighs...

I want to be pretty.
I want to be that 'oh my gosh, beautiful'

Hit me up... if you wish.
I may not reply.
But I'll be okay.
I just had an not so good day today.

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