Lately I have become increasingly concerned about the millions and millions of animals who suffer unbelievably in the farming industry all over the world, especially in America. Not only is the cruelty so horrible that it brings tears to people's eyes and screams of pain from the animals, the health implications for people are enormous. The willing ignorance of people allows this sick, cruel, disgusting business to thrive, directly destroying animals' lives, the environment, and people's health. 

Not only are the animals we produce sick, artificial, and so genetically mutated that they cannot live normal lives, they consume such enormous quantities of grain resources that, were the factory farm industry dissolved, we could feed all or most of the hungry people in the world.

For more information on the horrors of factory farming and how you can be a voice by becoming a vegetarian or vegan, visit
and read this infographic:
If you really want to dig into it, this book is fascinating, well researched and not at all boring: Eating Animals- Jonathan Safran Foer
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