A fashion look from November 2012 featuring super skinny jeans, converse shoes and vinyl bag. Browse and shop related looks.

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This group is about having lots of fun :)

☾ The Ultimate Polyvore Battle Group

☾ The Ultimate Polyvore Battle Group

Started: 3/3/16
Founder: @the-forgotten-wolf
Auditions: Open [] Closed [] Hiatus [x]
Welcome to The Ultimate Polyvore Battle Group! This is not an elimination battle group, it is simply the person with the most points win. This group has to do with all the different types of sets on Polyvore. You'll make any and all different kinds of sets, so please stay open minded! Magazine sets, fandom sets, doll sets, etc. This is a completely original idea! You will not be battling for one particular set style. You will be battling for all of them! This battle group is about who can make the best sets in all, not just one particular type.
[Original Idea, No Copying Please!]
To be a part of this group, simply fill out the audition template.
Team Green Audition Template: FULL
Team Purple Audition Template: FULL
Team Orange Audition Template: FULL
Team Blue Audition Template: FULL
Team Grey Audition Template: FULL
If accepted, you will compete with your teammates against the other teams in different themed rounds. if you fail to enter a round without messaging me with a valid reason as to why you have to miss it / have missed it, you will get a strike. three strikes, and you're out of the battle and will be replaced.

Good Luck!

Note: Shout outs are worth 5 points each until contests start (max limit is 50 points). For each shout out to be worth points, you must tag at least 5 active members.
O1. Bethany // @rosey-wolf-x // Team: GREY - 185 Points
O2. Sarah // @the-house-of-wolves // Team: BLUE - 165 Points
O3. Mara // @puckleberryslushy // Team: PURPLE - 160 Points
[Team Green]
O1. Name // @usernamee:
O2. Danielle // @silentrose: 90
O3. Sabrina // @forebodinq: 130
O4. Faera // @faylane: 160
O5. Daisy // @daisy414: 90
O6. Charlotte // @btwfoxes: 5
O7. Anna // @annashreder:
O8. Anna // @asktheravens: 150

[Team Purple]
O1. Tiana // @fire-to-the-skies:
O2. Molly // @moo-moo416
O3. Colette // @chanelchinadoll: 130
O4. Ellie-Mae // @elliebonjelly: 10
O5. Amanda // @social-casualtea:
O6. Sophie // @steamparasite: 55
O7. Mara // @puckleberryslushy: 160
O8. Nina // @jillinchen:

[Team Orange]
O1. Skylar // @dauntlessbadgirl: 60
O2. Ella // @queen-ella: 60
O3. Kat // @newtie-cutie:
O4. Meg // @megan-j-loves-you: 100
O5. Rylee // @sabrinacarpenterfan:
O6. Sam // @same-sunset: 5
O7. Elliot // @ezmeerose: 60
O8. Sarah // @cr0ssmyheart:

[Team Blue]
O1. Amanda // @oreokk22: 80
O2. Shelley // @tightrope-of-weird: 135
O3. Nika // @nika-love: 120
O4. Kayli // @hellokayli: 50
O5. Alison // @h0ld-0n-let-g0:
O6. Sarah // @sarahiscool810:
O7. Elise // @bennettblueyez:
O8. Sarah // @the-house-of-wolves: 165

[Team Grey]
O1. Grace // @graceful-hobbit-rp:
O2. Jilli // @simplegirl-1-1-6: 50
O3. Natalie // @punkrock-lifee: 5
O4. Ninja // @ninja-potter-bright: 140
O5. Bethany // @rosey-wolf-x: 185
O6. Caroline // @i-love-stan-the-man: 95
O7. Sinead // @pathetic-excuses:
O8. Shannon // @alainearthur:

O1. No copying other set.
O2. No using templates.
O3. Always be nice, and get alone with other members.
O4. No nudity, bad words, or otherwise inappropriate behavior or conversation.
O5. Be Active.


O1. Daisy // @daisy414 // Team Green: INTRO
O2. Mara // @puckleberryslushy // Team Purple: DOLL SET
O3. Name // @Username // Team
O4. Name // @Username // Team
O5. Name // @Username // Team
O6. Name // @Username // Team
O7. Name // @Username // Team
O8. Name // @Username // Team
O9. Name // @Username // Team
1O. Name // @Username // Team
11. Name // @Username // Team
12. Name // @Username // Team
13. Name // @Username // Team
14. Name // @Username // Team
15. Name // @Username // Team


O1. , 50 Set likes, Dedicated Set, and Name in Sets for One Week
O2. 25 Set Likes and Name in Sets for One Week
O3. 25 Set Likes
1st place: 50 points
2nd place: 45 points
3rd place: 40 points
4th place: 35 points
5th place: 30 points
6th place: 25 points
7th place: 20 points
8th place: 15 points
9th place: 10 points
10th place: 10 points
11th place: 5 points
12th place: 5 points

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