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black smoke has appeared out of the sky from the other end of the island after the raft sailed off. with warnings from rousseau, we need to pack up and hide. if you're a believer, you'll be following people to safety. for all you fearless leaders, you just might be waiting out the night on the beach... alone.
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I sat idly on the beach, gazing at the ocean waves crash at the shoreline. I twiddled a banana leaf between my fingers, wearing it down. Sawyer was gone, as were Jin, Michael, and Walter, having sailed off on the raft they'd rebuilt in record time. I knew Sun wasn't handling it well, but I was surprised at my own feelings toward the situation. Instead of hopeful and happy that we would be rescued, I felt unsettling, almost as if something was wrong. 

I turned at the sound of footsteps coming down the beach. I smiled softly as Jack approached and took a seat in the sand next to me. He reached around into his backpack and pulled a mango, handing it to me silently. 

"Thanks," I replied quietly as I bit into the mango and juice dribbled down my chin. 

"I just wanted to check on you; haven't seen you around the medical tent in some time and you were the other half of my nurse squad." He explained. 

I smiled again. "Yeah, I know... I guess I've been selfish, dealing with my own issues instead of helping out. I feel really guilty for it." I confessed. I looked down to the green leaf in my hands

Jack placed a reassuring hand on my back. "Don't feel guilty, Chanel. We're all entitled to a bit of quiet time." He said. 

"I know, but not when I could be helping," I finished. I appreciated his attempt at placating my guilt, but at the end of the day, I really could have been doing more. 

I rose from the sand, brushing tiny granules off my feathery skirt. "Guess you can't kick your fashion habit," He chuckled. 

A smile spread across my face as I slapped him lightly on the shoulder. "Hey, at least I'm wearing flats!" I exclaimed, pointing at the tie sandals I was wearing. 

"You and Neve are two peas in a pod," He commented as we turned and headed for the medical tent. 

I smiled coyly and wiggled my eyebrows. "I can't help but notice how much you love being in Neve's... pod." I joked. Jack chuckled, shook his head, but the blush that grazed his cheeks was undeniable. 

We were a few steps from the medical tent and still joking about the growing relationship between Neve and Jack when Sayid ran toward us shouting. We stopped and looked to Sayid as he reached us and grabbed Jack's arm. "Jack, we have a situation," Sayid said in a hurried whisper. Sayid eyed me and pulled Jack further away from where we had been standing. 

"Another 'situation'?" I asked, purposefully taking a few steps to join them. Sayid seemed to skip a beat, contemplating what he could or could not say in front of me. 

Deciding that he had no choice but to divulge his information in front of me, I was clearly not going anywhere, he tightened his lips but pointed towards the sky. "That's our latest 'situation'." 

Jack and I both gazed in the direction he was pointing. Creeping across the bright blue sky, was black smoke. "It looks to be coming from the other side of the island," Sayid continued, matter of factly. 

My jaw dropped and Jack was silent, when suddenly the makeshift flap of the medical tent opened. Shannon and Neve appeared in good spirits, and greeted us cheerfully. 

"I just changed Boone's dressings and gave him another dose of his pain medicine. Charlie is still resting, but the swelling and bruising at his neck is going down." Neve reported to Jack. Her smile dropped when he didn't respond, didn't even turn his head in her direction. "Jack... Jack?" She asked, still receiving no response from him. 

Shannon walked around and joined Sayid, sliding comfortably in his arms. "Sayid, what's wrong?" She asked him. Sayid caressed her face softly before arching it towards the sky. Shannon let out an audible gasp when she saw the black smoke, finally drawing Neve's attention towards it as well. 

I swallowed hard and turned my gaze from the sky back to my friends. I was about to speak when I caught a glimpse of Danielle Rousseau standing on the outskirts of our group. I furrowed my brows, which caused Sayid's attention and he too turned to Daniel. 

"Danielle?" He called out, pulling away from Shannon and placing himself in between her and Danielle to protect her. "What are you doing here?" He asked firmly. 

"I've seen this smoke before..." Danielle said cryptically. We all looked to her, urging her to continue, but scared of what she was capable of. 

"The night they took my baby," She finished, her lip quivering. "They use black smoke to say that they are coming!" Danielle's voice cracked. Neve instinctively sunk into Jack's side and he squeezed her between his arms. Shannon did the same to Sayid, and only I remained standing alone, with no one to comfort me. Something I was undoubtedly used to by now, I thought bitterly. 

I glanced one more time towards the smoke and cleared my throat. "So what do we do about it?" I asked, crossing my arms to keep the chill that was creeping down my spine from totally taking over. 

"Pack up and HIDE!" Rousseau emphasized as her eyes widened and a look of horror crossed her face. We all looked to each other, searching for the answer. 

It was Jack who finally spoke up. "We'll get whoever we can packed up and hiding out in spots out in the jungle, and those of us with guns will stay and wait her for... them." He said firmly, reaching into his belt buckle to pull out his hand gun. 

Sayid nodded. "We have 6 guns, so only 6 can stay." He informed us. He turned to Danielle suddenly. "Will you be joining us?" He asked. 

She nodded once before turning back towards the jungle and disappearing in the thicket. I figured she would only return when she had all the weapons she could find. 

"So who stays?" Sayid asked. We again looked to each other, questioningly. "I think those with experience with guns should stay," He offered. 

I kept quiet, though I was instantly flooded with memories of hunting and camping with my mother's brothers as a teenager, before my mother decided my ways were inappropriate for a young lady. From that time forward, I was hardly allowed outside, much less toting a rifle and game slung over my shoulder. But under the current circumstances, I was certain I could summon the muscle memory to handle a rifle. I thought of mentioning as much, but Jack spoke again before I could even open my mouth. 

"I'll stay, and I'm sure you will too, Sayid?" He asked looking over to our resident Iraqi soldier. Sayid nodded, leaving four guns open for business. "We'll go ask Locke and Kate too..." Jack continued. 

"I'll stay... but I need a bit of instruction on how to use the firearm..." Neve spoke up, nominating herself. Jack smiled, but worry clouded his eyes. Inevitably he had to agree, Neve did have some fighting experience. One gun was left and we all racked through the list of remaining people. Sawyer was gone, So was Jin, and Michael. All good candidates to take the 6th place, but clearly not options. Boone was out of commission and Charlie was still too weak to confront a battle with the others. 

I sighed deeply and knew what I had to do. "I'll be your 6th," I said. Jack and Sayid looked at me apprehensively. Shannon's jaw dropped and even Neve looked taken back. "I know what you must think with my parading around in haute couture and heels all the time, but I know how to handle a gun." I said firmly, placing my hands on my hips. They still didn't look very convinced. 

I sighed again, grabbing the gun from Jack's hands before he could get a good grip on it. I turned the safety off, cocked it and aimed at a mango up the tree a few yards off. I took aim, and shot the mango, causing it to explode and rain mango chunks down on the tent below it. Claire emerged from the tent. "What was that?" She asked worriedly. Jack chuckled and held his hand out to take the gun back from me.

"Guess we have our sixth," Sayid said with a smile. He grabbed Shannon and they left to go pack up food and water for those who were to take off in the jungle. 

"Guess you do," I said to their retreating backs. I turned to Jack. "I'll help you get Charlie and Boone to safety and then I'll return to join you here on the beach to wait for them." Jack nodded and Neve smiled as the three of us headed into the medical tent to prepare to move our patients. 

"You'll have to find something else to wear," Jack said with a final chuckle and I rolled my eyes, but smiled in return. I suppose a mini feather skirt didn't go well with a battle against the others. 
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Read it? {Battle in a mini skirt}
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Wrote 6 years ago
stunning style

Wrote 6 years ago
battle in a mini skirt.

Wrote 6 years ago
{Battle in a mini skirt}



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