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Hellana - Katie Cassidy. 
Rose - Willa Holland.
Jeffrey - Arthur Darvill.
Conner - Robbie Amell. 
Hellana ran around a corner she jumped over a trash bin and slid around a small fence, getting as low as she could, she looked back at the opening to the alley, just in time to see a man with a limp go past without looking at her, she sighed and gently put her hand on her waist sucking in air as she felt the wound from his knife. She moved along the wall carefully trying not to draw attentions to herself. She grabbed a hoodie she saw laying on the ground, pulling her own jacket off she tied it around her waist to cover the wound, then she slipped the hoodie over her head and stood up. She walked around a few more corners till she came to the building she saw looking for, ascending the stairs hurt a bit more than she thought it would have, but she made it she walked over to the edge, where someone would normally think it drops, she stepped out and crossed the walkway, that was invisible, so if you were the homeless man beneath her, it looked as if she was walking on the sky. Hellana reached the door and put her hand on the pad. it blinked for a moment and then turned blue and the door opened. Jeffrey ran over to her when she came in. 
“Are you okay?” He asked and grabbed her arm. “That looked bad from where I was.” He said, but Hellana said nothing, it was better to let him talk away anyways. 
Conner and Rose came over. “That was nice.” Rose said and high fived Conner. “Impressive.” He remarked.
Hellana grunted and walked over to the incinerator, pulling the hoodie off she tossed it in. then she stumbled over to the medical room, she opened the door and then her eyes started to go black, stuff was getting fuzzy and colourless. She took two more steps and fell face first on the ground. 

 - 4 weeks before -

Hellana stepped out of her mother's car and grinned as she drove away, she skipped over to the big building. the was made almost entirely out of glass and looked more like a giant four sided mirror, seeing as it was perfectly square as well. The inside was like a starship, is was huge and silver with giant modern art everywhere, it had four escalators running up the sides of a large stair step waterfall. She smiled when she saw Rose running over to her. “You made it!” She hugged and her and grabbed her arm, dragging her along. “Come on you HAVE to see this.” Rose was 23, but looked more like a 18 year old, with her brown hair in a messy bun on the top of her head and she was very short and skinny for her age. She took Hellana up the elevator to a kind of balcony. She took her to the edge. “Look down, it is SO cool.” Hellana looked over and saw what Rose ment, it was like a bunch of greyish silver lines crossing and make it kind of look like a never ending tunnel of metal, going on and on. “How far up are we?” Hellana asked Rose. “I don’t know, but it is amazing, right?” She looked over the edge, but with her size she had to pull herself up, so her feet were kicking back and forth. “I hope we can get a job here.” Rose said and ran back to the stairs. “Come on, we have to sign up.” Sometime Hellana wondered how she ever kept up with Rose. By the time they got to the bottom a good 7 people were in line. “Oh man, I hate waiting.” Rose said. ‘Really, no wonder.’ Hellana thought. Rose was bouncing up and down, looking around as if she thought she could jump in farther down the line. Hellana sighed and put her hand on Rose shoulder. “Calm down.” She smirked and looked down at Rose. who was a few inches shorter than her. “Oh, right.” She stopped bouncing, but was still giddy. by the time we got to the counter, Hellana thought that Rose was about to burst. “Rose Ingrid Hammingwell.” She said and the man behind the counter passed Rose her name tag. She turned to Hellana. “Look! it is so shiny.” She grinned and skipped down the hall. Hellana chuckled and stepped up for his. “Hellana Weathers.” She nodded as the man passed it to her. “Thanks.” She followed Rose down the hall, but she had not seen where she had gone. “Rose?” She called tentatively, but quietly. She walked down the hall a bit trying to see if she could find Rose, but she found no sign. she walked over to a black door and pushed it open and saw a young man who was kinda cute was standing by the door. He turned to her. “About time you got here.” He pulled her in and shoved her in a chair. “Stay.” He commanded and walked back to the doorway. Hellana had no idea what he was talking about or why she needed to stay, but she did not feel like saying anything, so she just sat still. The room was big and empty with a very long table, that saw was sitting at, a screen at the end of the room had a strange symbol on it, like a ‘H’ in ancient script. An older man walked in a door at the other end of the room. He nodded at the young man. who turned and locked the door, which made Hellana uncomfortable. The elder man picked up something that looked kind of like a remote. He pushed a button on it and the screen light up with a blue light. and the symbol was their, then a mans voice came on. “If you are hearing this then there is no going back now, you will be working for us all your life.” Hellana felt sweat on her neck, great, just the thing she would stumble on. 
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