Hello meet my new cat his name is "Lucky"
and he's living in Seoul so he dont have a chance to meet his 4 brothers who live in Tokyo.

Actually i have plan not to take care any cat again but this cat have a sad life story.
my brother found him lifeless so near a bin and have black plastic cover his body,and he picked up back home.
at first we went to homeless pet center to asking for by anychance their cat lost direction to back home?

We waiting for a week and no one come to find him so we decided to take care him,he scared us at first when i took these pics esp 2 pics above he still young ~ 4 months(since we found him) he not let me take his pic,running around and end up at garage.(yea green house is my garage) he spent his time at the corner alot when i first welcome him to our house,he used to scared to come out from table/corner he will do anything to hide himself.
he like curious all the time and make noise "fut fit" idk how to remind noise that he love to react towards me but fut fit ?
but now he's enjoying his life with us look he sleeping alot and getting fatty hehe~
his fab food is salmon grilled and fried chicken
he love dessert too but i'm not give it to him coz not a good food but he will meow till he get it,sometime he angry to puddles if we give food to dog than himself and end up moody.
he will celebrate 1 year with us in next April.

I named him "Lucky" coz i'm lucky to have him as my cat even though his life will stay with the lazy puddles but they 're look like brother to each other already i worried that he will fight with them.
at my house in Seoul everyone love him a lot,he proof me that cat and dog can live together.

he's cute is it xD:)

@fruitmachine finally i make a set with my black cat.

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