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Pretty Little Liars is one of the only tv shows i watch these days lol~ otherwise I'm on the computer watching kdramas :P

Tag time~ Let's hope this works omfg >.<
I was tagged by @c-hristinep in her amazing set here:

And i REALLY hope this is gonna work because PV often cuts my descriptions otherwise @c-hristinep please let me tag you in another set~

+ 1. what time is it? Currently 10:16 am (when i finished typing this it was 10:28 am)

+ 2. how did you come up with your polyvore username? pssssh it's just based on my love for 2NE1 XD

+ 3. where do you live? in a house somewhere in canada

+ 4. what's your favorite season? definitely not winter as you all know well lol it's probably spring~

+ 5. are you married? uhh no o_o

+ 6. pets? sadly, no...someone get me a puppy please~
+ 7. what is your favorite colour? turquoise and other colours like that

+ 8. who did you say "i love you" to last? i think it was my parents

+ 9. how long have you been a member of polyvore? 14 months now.

+ 10. what do you have most of in your closet (ie. bags, perfume, shoes, hats…)? sweaters, winter's long here.

+ 11. what do you do for a living and do you enjoy it? nothing, i'm a student, and well it's not terribly enjoyable but it's not bad?

+ 12. describe yourself using 5 words: Person, Female, Weird, Fangirl, Hungry

+ 13. in what month is your birthday? october.

+ 14. how old are you turning this year? it's a secret~ :X (under 18, more than 13)

+ 15. what kind of music do you like to listen to? kpop and hip hop/rap mainly lol~

+ 16. besides polyvore what are your hobbies? eating, sleeping and studying music

+ 17. name a friend who has inspired you to make sets? EVERYONE TBH

+ 18. name a movie you love: there aren't a lot of movies i don't like really but i think Disney movies are usually really nice~

+ 19. what is your dream occupation? i really don't know yet :/ though i would love to work in the medical fields somehow

+ 20. what is your favourite gemstone? diamonds oops hehe

Have a good day to everyone :)))
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