Luna starshine Santana

Name: Luna Starshine Santana (Her mother chose it. Says it's 'unique'. Luna used to be so embarrassed by it, and in the fourth grade went as far as pretending her name was actually Lisa. gross, i know, who wants to be a lisa? This isn't the simpsons. Anyway, she has since embraced the Luna....though she still waits to admit to people that, yes, starshine is actually written on her birth certificate. oh, and do NOT call her Lulu. That's not happening)
age: 18.
Ethnicity: Her mother was half black, half asian, while her father was Latino. So she's a bit of a mish mash. Not that she was really raised with any kind of culture, she just speaks english.
Family: Her mother got pregnant with Luna when she was young, only 17. She knows her father and he's always paid child support, and sent a curtousy birthday and christmas card every year, but he's never been a part of her life. Luna loves her mother...but she's alays been a little irresponsible and more like a big sister.
Her mother's next relationship ended up giving Luna a little sister, Angel, who is much more like a little devil. She's six years younger and is a total tomboy. she insists on having her hair cut pixie crop short and refuses to wear a skirt. Though she has an attitude, deep down her and Luna have always been really close as sisters.
Luna has two other little sisters, Sky (8) and Emerald (5). These two came along after Angels dad ditched them, and Luna's mom was heartbroken and ended up for some inexplicable reason rebounding with a complete and utter dead beat loser that is Luna's current step dad. Brian. Seriously, its a tragedy he has lasted this long. He can be kind...sometimes, to his own kids and Angel, since she was young enough for him to to raise her on his Brian coolaid, but Luna feels like she's always been 'the other kid'. She even has a different last name than everyone in the family since they took Brian's last name.
Physical description: Luna is naturally quite dark skinned, but light enough to be asked if she used such and such brand of self tanner. Its natural, thankyou very much. Her hair is her pride and joy, long and sleek and jet black. She hasn't cut it since she was 12, apart from trims. Eye colour is dark. She's skinny, too skinny in her opinion. She hates the fact that she basically has no boobs or booty. She is minus a booty.
schooling and jobs: she's only just graduated school, having failed most of her classes solidly since the age of 15, but she knows what she wants to do. Hairdressing has been her goal since she was little and playing beauty salon with her sisters. shes given her family haircuts for years (and not just because money is tight). Luna imagines herself opening up her own luxe salon some day.
Luna's style:
in others opinion: they generally think she's tacky.
In Luna's own opinion?: she's fabulous and a fashionista. On a budget of course.
Luna is oblivious to other peoples opinions on her and wears what she wants, when she wants too, and with confidence.
Black and pink are her favourite colours. Along wih anything that has sparkle, feathers or fur.
oh, and there is no hemline too short and no crop top too showy. Disapproving grandma's be damned.
People are often quick to judge Luna by her wardrobe, that she's cheap or easy or whatever other bad word they want to throw out their, but she's not like that at all.
personality: Luna is bright and a positive thinker. Maybe a little clueless and even naive, but she always tries to do her best and has a big heart. she might not be tradtionally smart, and she's often written off as being a complete airhead, but she has her moments of clarity. she knows whats important, her family and her friends.
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