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Lunch with Audrey - Thursday

I was working with the storyboard for It`s a Sister Thing when I spotted Audrey. Through the open office landscape I could see her gathering her stuff and leaving Sophies work space. Audrey seemed to be in a hurry, so I followed her. I had decided to talk things over with Audrey. 

When I got out of the building, Audrey was sitting in her car, leaning her head against the steering wheel. I knocked on the window, wanting to make sure she was all right. When she didn`t answer, I opened the car door. 

"Audrey? Are you asleep?" I asked, as gently as I could.
"No." Audrey answered in a faint voice, with her head still down. "I just have a headache." In her lap I noticed a very full portpholio binder. "I was wondering if you wanted to go grab something to eat and talk?" I asked. "Sure." she said, but her voice sounded a bit wavering and insecure. Somehow, she seemed lost.

Later, at the cafe, I got the chance to look at Audrey`s portpholio while she went to the bathroom. Her work is really amazing, but this wasn`t about work. I tried to toughen up, ready to question her about all the drama that had followed in her footsteps.

"So what's the deal with you, Anne, and Elle?" I asked. I alredy knew what had happened, but I wanted to hear what Audrey had to say about it. "Well Anne hates me," She said. "I don't blame her. I slept with her boyfriend. But she has no reason to take it out on Elle. Besides Tim, Elle is my only friend here in LA." Her voice softened up. "Elle has the kindest heart, she saw me being hurt and gave me what I needed. A friend." `She`s right,` I thought. `Elle is a very sweet girl.`But that was not what I wanted to talk to her about. "Yeah. So it's true about Joel?" "Yeah. I met him at a bar when I first moved her. It was before he was dating Anne... I guess she was still engaged to that Daniel guy. I told him I didn't want to date anyone, I was here for my career, and he suggested friends with benefits. I know it's stupid and once I found out about Anne I should've stopped. But he didn't stop either." She stopped talking for a moment, then continued in a much more intense tone. "It's not fair that me, a stranger, is getting crap from everyone when Anne's precious boyfriend was even more in the wrong than me and he's still the amazing boyfriend." 
She seemed to be getting a bit worked up, but her argument was valid. Why is it we women have higher standards for females than males? It`s really unfair, if you think it over. "I guess you have a point there," I said, "But you know how it is... girls take their boyfriends side and jump to the conclusion that the girl was just some sl*t that forced their boyfriend to stray." I really liked how Aud handled my questions. Now, I didn`t see her as the manipulative cow, just a good person who might have made one or two bad choices. I don`t know if I`d have been this forgiving if she had messed with someone I was in a relationship with. Then again, the poor guy might finding himself on the street, watching helplessly as his underwear was thrown out of my loft window. I dragged my thoughts back on the track: "But now you have Tim, right?" I said. "Honestly Jo, I really like him," Aud said, "He treats me really good. But I get the feeling that Claire hates me. I keep thinking that I should tell him I just want to be friends, just so that'll be one less person off my back." she sighed. "Maybe you should tell Claire this." I suggested. "She's really a sweetheart. It's just hard for her to trust you, with all the drama that's been going on since you've arrived. And Tim's the most important person in her life." If Aud could convince Claire she was not going to hurt Tim, Claire would probably be okay with Aud. Anne was a different matter, the way she saw it, Aud had stolen both her boyfriend and her best friend. Who could blame her for disliking and distrusting Aud? 

Aud`s phone rang, and she had to leave because of some emergency. `I hope everything is okay,`I thought. `She`s been through a lot lately.`

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