Noelle- EWSS

I walked out of my Saturday Fashion Marketing class, completely exhausted, wishing sleep would come a little faster. I called Nate. Maybe having some food in my stomach would give me more energy.. And I liked more than anything that I wanted the food.

"You want to meet me somewhere?"

"Yep. As soon as I get out of this lacrosse meeting, okay?" He whispered.

"Meet me at la Madeline." I replied, hanging up my phone. I got there, sipping my iced tea, waiting patiently at my outside table..

"Hey," He said from behind, kissing my cheek and taking his seat. "What's up?" He asked.

"Nothing much. I'm so tired. And my professor just told me that she wants me to wants me to work at her boutique. I'm not sure if I should or not." I replied. "What's up with you?" I asked him..

"Nothing much. My coach is killing us... I have a pulled hamstring and he's kicking my ass right now." He giggled. "But you should really work at that bow-teek. Or whatever it's called." He laughed

"You'll be fine. Just work hard! And I know. I'm thinking I should. It'll keep me out of the bars, it'll keep me out of the clubs, you know. Whatever." I Laughed... 

The waitor came, and I ordered a salad. It wasn't a burger, or some fattening pasta, but it was something. It was food. 

"You look really good, Nel. You look healthy." He told me. I cringed at 'healthy' I hated that word. It was just another way of telling me I was putting on weight.. "But you're still thin.. you're just a better version of thin." He looked at me, waiting for my response. I started laughing.

"Thanks I guess." I giggled, as I took another bite of my salad.

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