Luscious Leather

Here are the winners of the "Luscious Leather" contest. Some of the BEST on Polyvore entered this contest. Many of the entries have already appeared in "Top Sets". This was the most difficult of all to judge. The runners-up are in no particular order. All of these sets are AMAZING!


Wrote three years ago
Thanks Nancy!!! Love your sets & contests!!

Wrote three years ago
stunning sets....loved every one of them! thanks for adding my set! xo

Wrote three years ago
Gorgeous sets dear!

Wrote three years ago
Thanks for the add! Beautiful sets!

Wrote three years ago
Totally fabulous collection! Congrats to all the winners & runners up. Thank you for making my set a runner up! xoxo

Wrote three years ago
Thank you Nancy! such great work!!! I am happy to have placed as a runner up and be part of this gorgeous set xo

Wrote three years ago
Beautiful collection! Thank you for including my set. This group is amazing

Wrote three years ago
Awwwwww thanks Sweetie for making me a runner up - you know I don't expect to place in every contest - actually I never expect to place!! XXO

Wrote three years ago
@justjules2332 SERIOUSLY!!!! I cannot begin to tell you how difficult it was to order these into just twelve places. I really had the most creative entries EVER from some of the most respected Polyvore artists, EVER. Love you, girl and thank you for commenting and being such a dear friend! xxoxoxoxoxo

Wrote three years ago
Wow - these sets are amazing! Thank you for making my set a runner-up, I can't even imagine having to judge these wonderful pieces of fashion art! Hugs sweet lady!!!!


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