Lush Bath Collection

  • Bath Bombs
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    LUSH Bath Bombs are the best way to enjoy bath time, to make it fragrant, relaxing and slow - a reward for making it through the day.
  • Cleansers
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    If you're used to washing your face with bar soap perhaps you'll find our skin cleansers a bit odd, but we promise your skin will thank you. It will be so grateful, that you may see results you've only dreamed about. Why do they work so well? Supernatural simplicity; we use the finest, freshest ingredients and years of expert experience instead of empty promises, buzz words and the newest synthetic inventions.
  • Twilight
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    Recreate the magic of a starry night in your bath water with clouds of lavender and tonka absolute to fight the demons of insomnia and soothe your stressed out body and mind. Our most relaxing Bath Bomb yet, Twilight is our gentle, reassuring hug for the bath to transform you from worn out to warm and fuzzy. It changes color like the sky at dusk, from pinks to purples and darker still. Lay back in the comforting herbal waters to soak your troubles far, far away.
  • Bubble Bars
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    At LUSH we don't just take baths; we appreciate them. We relish them, revel in them and do everything we can to make them enjoyable. We like to fragrance them with essential oils to scent our bodies and put us in a better mood, illuminate them with candlelight and sometimes, even share them. Crumble one of these under the running bath water for a superbly bubbly and stunningly fragrant, luxuriously inviting bath.
  • Bon Bomb
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    Don’t be deceived by Bon Bomb’s stature; this ball of sunshine packs some serious citrus punch. It's our world-famous Butterball Bath Bomb's cheery cousin, with flecks of skin softening mango and avocado butters and the uplifting, zesty fragrance of sweet orange oil and lime. Bathing with Bon Bomb is like soaking in fresh lemon sorbet. If it's soft skin and a happy disposition you're after (and frankly, who isn’t?), you've found a friend in Bon Bomb.
  • Mask of Magnaminty
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    Mask of Magnaminty isn’t technically a daily ‘facial wash’; it’s actually a deep cleansing face and back mask. China clay and fresh peppermint reach deep down to pull the debris from your pores, giving you that delightful tingly-clean sensation. We add loads of aduki beans to exfoliate flaky or dry skin, vanilla absolute to calm redness and honey to soothe. Our inventors created Mask of Magnaminty to be the ‘ultimate face mask’, intense but not harsh or abrasive on the skin. We recommend using Mask of Magnaminty weekly to keep the skin in good condition.
  • Dragon's Egg
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    Unleash fire and bathe in a whirlpool of magnificently vibrant, sizzling color and a spectacular explosion of sights, sounds, and scents. Inhale the refreshing sherbet-y citrus scent of lemon and bergamot; you'll feel like you're up and away on the back of your own dragon. This mystical Bath Bomb fizzles, crackles, curls, and ends with a glitter explosion. Citrus oils are known for their invigorating effect on the mind, and Dragon's Egg is no exception! Drop one of these into the bath for a serious wake-up call on groggy mornings, or before an evening out.
  • Shower Gels
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    LUSH Shower Gels and Smoothies are spectacular; you'll smell lovely all day after a top to toe shower. We design them not only to clean your skin, but also to impact your mood. Choose one to feel comforted, revitalized or, like you've just taken a walk in freshly mown grass. We make them by hand in small batches with herb, flower and fruit infusions and essential oils and just the right amount of cleansing stuff to get the dirt off.
  • Dreamtime
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    When should you drop this luxuriously creamy, sleep-inducing herbal bath melt into the water? Bedtime! It may look small, but its secret strengths lie in its seductive scent. Dreamtime is a natural sleep remedy that makes your worries fade away with all of the most calming and relaxing essential oils we could think of - jasmine, lavender, chamomile and sandalwood. Melt one of these into your tub when you need softer skin and pleasant dreams. Kiss insomnia goodnight.
  • Shower Scrubs
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    For those who like it smooth but not too rough, give your skin the special treatment and take it all off with our scrubby selection for the shower. If a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, surely a handful of Fair Trade sugar or Rhassoul mud will help you smooth out your rough patches and make your bumpy bits down. Shower yourself soft with our selection of solid, preservative-free gentle Shower Scrubs to work their magic and leave you with smoother, fantastic smelling skin.
  • Ma Bar
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    Spoil yourself with a chocolate-toffee bar! The LUSH Ma Bar is a bubble bar of two halves: cocoa and honey toffee. In the center, there's a lump of brown sugar, which melts in the bath water. It was created for Mother's Day a few years ago and became so popular that we simply couldn't retire it. And despite what might pop into your mind, the Ma Bar gets its name from its origins (it's a bar for your Ma). Crumble under running water for masses of sweet, chocolatey bubbles.
  • The Olive Branch Shower Gel
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    If your body has been beaten down by the rigors of the rat race, extend an Olive Branch as a peace offering and give yourself some tender loving care. Once you give it a good shake (the shower gel, not your body), the skin softening organic olive oil will be nicely blended in. Loaded with vital antioxidants, with an infusion of vine leaves, sea salt and fresh mandarin juice, it’s just like a warm embrace from the Mediterranean. It’s uplifting and reassuring, and brings peace of mind and body whenever you lather up in the bath or shower.
  • Shower Smoothies
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    They look like a body lotion, with a soft, creamy whipped texture, and yet, they’re soap. They’re luxurious shower soaps meant to be massaged and smoothed all over your body from neck to toe. Fragrant and full of gorgeous ingredients like sweet almond and coconut oils, aloe vera, and generous helpings of rose. You won’t be able to stop rubbing these all over your body, sudsing up in utter bliss. But alas, like we said, they are soaps and must be washed off. Don’t worry though; the lasting effects are supremely soft, conditioned skin and gorgeous, subtle scent.
  • You've Been Mangoed
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    You've Been Mangoed is a bright and breezy citrus perk-me-up bath melt, loaded with nutritious mango and avocado butters to condition and moisturize the skin. One of the zingiest, most invigorating scents in all of LUSH, its unmistakable fruity fragrance comes from skin toning lemon and lime essential oils, with just a drop or two of invigorating lemongrass to really get things going. Perfect for early morning soaks in the tub, the scent will keep you in a good mood all day long. To start your day out right, get Mangoed.
  • Sultana of Soap
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    Revel in Sultana’s majesty, and have a wash with the royalty of soaps. It looks like a fancy Italian dessert; a giant nougat cake topped with succulent currants and apricots. Smooth a slice of our soft decadent soap all over your body for a creamy lather and the most dazzling bergamot and olibanum scent. Your skin will be delighted and you’ll be left softer and smelling like a fancy candy shop with a touch of fruity sweetness. If you weren’t invited to the wedding, at least you can brush shoulders with royalty in the shower.
  • Sea Vegetable
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    Splish, splash it’s time to take a bath with our best-selling soap inspired by the sea. Sea Vegetable is made with skin softening seaweed, one of our favorite ingredients, with a crust of stimulating sea salt to give your body a good scrub down. In addition to cleansing your skin, salt also helps to soften and hydrate. Float away with the reviving scents of lime, lavender and seaweed. Instantly relaxing, your senses will be transported to groves of citrus trees and vibrant flowers. The best part? Your skin will be revived, brightened, and clean.
  • Miranda Soap
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    A fresh fruit salad of a soap, each green piece of sudsy delight is packed with enough fruit inside and out to fill your basket (and then some!). We make each batch of Miranda by hand with fresh, organic kiwi fruit to gently cleanse, tone, and brighten your skin. We add in gorgeous bergamot for its soothing, orange-scented effects. To clear up congested skin and to refresh weary spirits we blend in ylang ylang and juniperberry. Simply fruit-tastic, it’s the perfect way to start your day!
  • 9 Candy Themed Beauty Products to Treat Yourself to ...
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    7. LUSH Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment The good folks at LUSH are the kings and queens of candy themed beauty products as well as a heap of other good stuff! Their Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment is a marshmallowy and moisturizing bath bomb that’ll make bath time even sweeter! Drop this in your bath when you
  • Creamed Almond and Coconut Shower Smoothie
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    Our soothing and conditioning shower wash is named for exactly what it is. A tropical, sumptuous creamy almond and coconut oil shower smoothie to gently cleanse and care for your dry or irritated skin and give it all the moisturizing attention it needs. We whip the exotic fragrance of jasmine, ylang ylang and vanilla into each pot to leave your skin smelling scrumptious and feeling soft and silky.

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