Mary Reynolds
Bio: Mary is a party girl. No matter where there party is or who is hosting it she is there. If Mary isn't there then it's a pretty lame party. Mary is a complete attention whore. She has to has all eyes on her at all time no matter what is going on. She is really dramatic and loud and has no regard for others around her, it's always about her. Her and Tiffany get on, but Tiffany tries to avoid her at cost- as do most of the girls except Olivia, who is her best friend. Mary is known for hooking up with a few guys and a lightweight.
Age: 17
Other: ??
  • {LNW Intro} | "I got chills...they're multiplyin'..."
  • {SCS} | "Do the Creep."
  • {SCS} | "Smile."
  • {NLMG} | Tell me, have you seen Amy tonight?

  • Stuttering
  • International Love
  • Statement Outfit
  • Kristen Stewart - Breaking Dawn

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