☆ Name, Age Lux Donovan, 17 
{ WITCH OR VOODOO witch, , power }time manipulation 
Likes: the color black, small dogs, waking up early, acoustic guitar, energy drinks, concerts
Dislikes: big dogs board games, slow drivers, southern accents, spicy food. The color pink 
Bio: Lux was born and raised in New Orleans though she wishes she was somewhere else entirely. Her mother was a witch with manipulation powers too until Lux was 7 and her mother died due to a dog attack. The Rottweiler was put down but ever since then Lux has been terrified of big dogs. She was raised with her grandmother after that. She has never met her father. She first found out about her powers when she was 14. Her best friend Emily and her were walking home from school when a car pulled out and hit Emily then took off. Emily is now paralyzed . Lux ran after the car and maybe because she was so angry she held out her hands and the car stopped instantly. Since then she has been reading her mother’s diary and listening to stories from her grandmother but it would be nice to have others to talk to about it. 
Model: Barbara Palvin 
Taken by:@followyourbliss
My grandmother often talked about a coven she once belonged to back in her twenties. It was headed by a witch named Fiona. They were still close even though my grandmother praticed solo magic now. She often told me of the school and I would deny it as much as possible. I wanted to pratice by myself like she did but maybe the time had come.
She met with Fiona and everything was set. I was to be enrolled at Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, I did not know anyone there but my grandmother encouraged me to make friends with the others.
I walked in and saw many students already arriving. They all seemed all so happy. I was getting angry so just like the first time I used my powers I held my arms up and instantly they all stopped moving, they were frozen.
I smiled having some peace and quiet .
“You should do that with your eyes next time dear” came a voice from behind me.
I turned around and there was Fiona.” You..didnt freeze” I say shocked 
She laughed”Ofcourse I didn’t Im the supreme” She said and walked away.
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