{LW} In the Land of Gods and Monsters, I Was an Angel, Living in the Garden of Evil

Name: Mallory Scott
Age: 16
Race/Type: Human
Likes: Vintage Stuff, Old Records, Tea, Old Horror and Sci-Fi Movies, Classic Rock, Boys in Sweaters, Cats, Museums, Pizza, Coca Cola, Ice Cream, Being Warm and Cozy on a Rainy Day
Dislikes: Her Father’s Obsession, “Tacky” Things, Rap and Hip-Hop Music, Being Judged, Loud People, MTV, Boredom, Being Nagged, Mean People, Cruel People
Personality: Friendly, Self-Righteous, (Slightly) Pretentious, Compassionate, Observant, Self-Aware
Music Taste: She typically likes older stuff, artists from the 60s, and 70s. She likes some stuff from the 80s and 90s too, but she’s not all that crazy about current pop music.
Occupation: Student
Bio: Mallory Scott was born in a small town in Illinois to a physician and his wife. When she was only 1, her mother died of cancer, leaving her, her father, and her older brother alone. Her father then busied himself with his work, and often wouldn’t show up until after dark. The whole thing had changed him, which terrified the young girl. Thankfully her big brother Josh was always there for her, and she considered him her best friend in the world. Then one day when she was 9, her brother disappeared. Nobody knew what happened to him, he seemed to vanish without a trace. Of course an investigation was called, searches were conducted, but all those turned up nothing. This devastated the family, and her father became even more withdrawn. Soon after, he moved the family to Chicago, hoping a change of scenery might help them. It didn’t though, and when Mallory was 15, her father moved her once again, this time to Belgrade. She soon discovered her father had recently begun to harbor a strange obsession. He believed that his sons disappearance was caused by supernatural forces, and that subsequently there were many more of said forces lurking about. He seems hell bent on finding them in hopes maybe something will turn up some sort of clue about Josh. Mallory on the other hand thinks he’s crazy, and that the notion is insane. It actually frightens her, his obsession. She always knew he was detached, but now things have gotten out of hand. She’s still sort of an outsider in town, being so new, but she’s friendly enough, and she’s starting to become acquainted with the people here. She can sometimes be a little self-righteous, and perhaps ever so slightly pretentious, but not on purpose. It’s just kind of the Mallory way.
Biggest Secret: She has a crush on the quiet kid, Will.

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