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Name: Lillian "Lily" Sawyer

Age: 16

Race/Type: Human. But she's grown up learning about the supernatural from her mother, though right now she still just believes they're mostly stories.

Likes: flowers (especially white ones), lace, antique photos, old books, feathers, birds, soft grass, ghosts, the smell of her mother's incense, dark curtains, nature, fog, sunshine (they seem to contradict each other, but that's just kinda how she is, she flip-flops a lot, haha)

Dislikes: overly happy people, pollution, new electronics, when her Darkness comes back, when she's picked on, when people make fun of her mother, being forgotten, feeling inadequate, junk food, when something sentimental is destroyed or lost

Personality: loyal, kind, determined, honest, sentimental, temperamental, doesn't trust easily, prone to fits of anger and seemingly mad "visions," moody, but can put up a very convincing cheerful front (and does so often)

Biggest Secret: Bipolar and doesn't always take her medicine. She's also still got scars on her waist and stomach from self-harm, even though she doesn't do it anymore.

Family: Mother- Jennifer "Seer" Saywer, local fortune-teller. She also sells homemade soap and incense and whimsical, fantasy trinkets in her shop/fortune-telling booth.

Model: Hailee Steinfeld.

Taken by: @emericcson123

1; Tell us a little bit about yourself (about your past, what you like, what you don’t, etc)

Oh god. Where do I even start? Um...my mom's a fortune-teller. Kinda. She also sells these, like, fantasy/fairy/whimsy sorta things in her shop for tourists and stuff. She taught me a bunch of stories about the creatures too. I'm not the most popular in school, but I've got my best friend Collin to help me get through it all. I want to go far away for college, but I'm still not sure if we can afford it. Fortune-telling isn't exactly the most lucrative business, haha. I paint and draw some, and I've written a couple poems. But like I'd ever show you them. I don't even know you.

2; What do you think about Belgrade?

It's...small. And it's got great woods. There's this flower patch my mom used to take me to when I was little that's really pretty in spring. And the shops around here are adorable. I even like the arcade and I usually hate electronics. I guess it's 'cause it's still kinda a retro thing. But sometimes I feel like I want more. I dunno. I guess I just wish I /did/ know what was out there. Then I could make a better decision about what it's like here.

3; How do you feel about the local murders and missing persons?

It's really, really weird. Even my mom doesn't know what's up and usually she can at least get vibes. She says the spirits aren't happy and there's a lot more restlessness amongst them now. And I actually believe it. All our flowers have been wilting and yesterday my shoes flew across the trailer but nothing had touched them. Something's not right, that's all that I know.

4; Do you believe in the supernatural?

My mom talks to ghosts. I grew up with her having conversations with dead people and seeing all sorts of things happen that nobody can explain. Yeah, you say I do. Well. I mostly believe in ghosts, since I've talked to them before. But I'm still unsure about the validity of the other creatures.
  • LW) "Cause it's a long road to wisdom, but a short one to being ignored..."
    "Name: Lillian "Lily" Sawyer

    Age: 16" — @emericcson123
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    "Race/Type: Human." — @emericcson123
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    "But she's grown up learning about the supernatural from her mother, though right now she still just believes they're mostly stories." — @emericcson123
  • Neopolitan Dreams, Stretching Out To The Sea
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    "She likes flowers (especially white ones)" — @emericcson123
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    "Lily's dad died when she was little and her mom calls herself "Seer Sawyer" and has a popular tourist fortune-telling shop by the gas station that gets a fair amount of customers, most of them on their way to the city." — @emericcson123
  • In The Cold Wind We Smile
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    "Her and Lily talk to Lily's dad almost on a daily basis still, since both of them can talk to the dead.fa" — @emericcson123
  • Tim Walker
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    "Lily was brought up with stories of fairies and elves and dwarves but she's still thinks they're just stories her mom uses for customers." — @emericcson123
    Tim Walker
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  • Callan McAuliffe Photo Gallery Page 5
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    "She likes to draw and paint her demons out sometimes, but often gets more frustrated when her art doesn't turn out the way she wanted it to, so that's a precaution as well." — @emericcson123
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    "She was diagnosed as bipolar last year, but before then had suffered a whole year with it without knowing." — @emericcson123
  • photo
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    "She has medicine, but most times she doesn't like to take it..." — @emericcson123
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