{LW} If I Show it to you Now, Will it Make you Run Away, Or Will You Stay? Even if it Hurts, Even if I Try to Push You Out Will You Reamain?

Name: William “Will” Anderson
Age: 17
Race/Type: Werewolf
Likes: Photography, Music, Susan, Jeans, Warm Sweaters, Reading , Cigarettes, Coffee, Sleeping In, Animals, The Fall, Feeling Loved
Dislikes: Being a werewolf, Foster Homes, His Biological Parents (not that he’s ever had any contact with them), Susan Nagging Him to Quit Smoking, Math, The Way His Peers Treat Him, Full Moons, People Who Blare Music Too Loud, Mornings, Bad Smells (he has hieghtned senses so they tend to bother him a lot), How Stupid He Feels Trying to Talk to Girls
Personality: Shy, Reserved, Loyal, Guarded, Humble, Thoughtful, Imaginitive, Socially Awkward
Music Taste: He’s not picky, and his tastes run very eclectic. He likes some pop, some rock, some blues, even some rap
Occupation: Student
Bio: Right off the get-go, Will’s life has been pretty tough. He was born to a young, unwed mother who ended up abandoning him at an orphanage. And then of course, came the inevitable foster homes. And as you may or may not know, the foster system is a little less than an ideal place to grow up. Especially when you’re a small, sickly child like Will was. As a result, he grew into a quiet, reserved boy who shies away from personal contact. At school, Will was always looked down on by his peers, and he’s always felt like an outsider. Things did take a turn for the better when he was 10 years old and spending time in the orphanage after staying with a particularly cruel set of foster parents. There he met a young social worker named Susan who saw something in him that few others did. Potential, hope, a gentle soul who deserved much better than the stream of uncertainty and cruelty he was being subjected to. So she adopted him, and since then things have gotten a lot better. Not perfect, but better. He adores Susan for one, and she adores him back. He’s still kind of an outsider among his peers, but at least he has someone out there he knows cares about him. So things were fine up until fairly recently. He was borrowing Susan’s car late at night a little outside town when the tire went flat. He went out to change it when he was suddenly attacked. He didn’t know exactly what, he never got a good look, but it ended up biting him (big shocker there). The next few days went along normally, but then he began to feel…different. He couldn’t quite put his finger, but he started feeling different. For one, the once sickly, scrawny kid he’d been his whole life was now strong and healthy. That was good of course, but there were also some more negative changes. He started to feel more…aggressive, and even began to get into fights. He started craving strange things, namely meat, a lot of it. And then one night, he got sick. Not deathly ill or anything, and he and Susan wrote it off as some sort of bug or something. You can imagine his horror then when he woke up that night to discover his fingernails turning into claws and hair beginning to grow all over him. That was the first time he ever transformed. He became the Beast and it was horrifying. He has no way to control it, no way to stop it. His has yet to tell Susan about his affliction, or anyone at all. He’s scared in short, very scared. The Beast is bloodthirsty, and while he hasn’t caused any serious harm yet, he knows there’s a looming possibility of hurting or even killing someone. He’s still shy and sweet, but don’t get him angry, because he can get aggressive when he feels threatened.
Biggest Secret: He tries his best not to draw attention to the fact that he was abandoned as a child and endured the foster care system for a lot of his life. He lived a lot of places before settling with Susan in Belgerade, so he was able to slip into the population without anyone really knowing his personal history.

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