This was supposed to be a collage-thing but ended up ugly.. I'm sorry, but the colors are kinda pretty!

4 JUNE : We are joining the Cook'n With Class today, in fact we are going for the whole day! We are going to a nearby market to shop for the fresh produce/meat/bread/cheese. And the chef will discuss and teach all of the important stuff. Have fun!

I met up with Melli, Nicya and Katie at the Cook'n With Class place. Nicya and Mich were already concocting something delicious-smelling. After I put on my white chef hat and apron, I laughed, but it was a sad laugh. And it wasn't about the recent bad news I'd heard.

"What's the matter, Ell?" Melli's voice said. She had her hands covered in flour.

"I can't cook for the life of me." I whined, washing my hands.

Melli laughed. "Then this is perfect for you, hon. That's why we're hear, to learn."

"But I'm serious," I interjected, "I grew up with a in-home chef and I was never in the kitchen, ever."

"Poor Ella," Melli joked. "It's not too hard."

I shook my head, "Uh, yeah, it is! I once tried to make veggie lasagna. The whole kitchen was a mess and it came out burnt and I didn't even eat it. If I did, I'd probably not be standing here today."

"It was /that/ bad?" she asked.

I nodded. "Oh well. I'm going to try a fresh outlook on cooking. It won't hurt to learn."

She patted my back, friend-style. "That's the spirit. Oh, my croissants are ready." and then she was off.

While everyone else was cooking, I was being "instructed" by the professional chefs and I felt like a baby, which I technically was, to my family at least.

Through the whole lesson, I couldn't stop thinking about tomorrow. Tomorrow was my performance at the ballet studio and I was prepared, I was ready, the dance would come naturally,but as usual, I'd still have the jitters.

I hope I don't fall or humiliate myself or my life in Paris is going to be even harder. 


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