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Love Song // Sara B

Story up:

7 JUNE : Spring has spring and summer is around the corner. It's time to hit the fashion shows. Unfortunately, they're not going on right and even if they were, who has the connections and money? SO, we're hanging at Mich and Nat's place and watching Fashion TV, eating popcorn and gossiping.

I was sitting on the floor, my legs crossed, bobbing my head to some unidentified song that was playing loudly and shoving handfuls of popcorn in my mouth. Melli and Nicya were around me and they were doing the same thing, only talking and arguing over which flavor popcorn flavor to take (caramel? original? cheesy? salty? sweet zebra?, the options were endless). 

Katie was sitting with me and so was Aria. Aria couldn't /stop/ gushing about this Mystery Man who had taken a ride with her in the taxi cab. I was just glad she was still alive and safe. "And then," Aria continued, pausing to take a huge gulp of Evian water, "He asked me out. No way, right? Oh, he is so..." and then she went back to yacking on and on about him. 

"Someone's in /looove/" I teased, throwing a piece of popcorn at her.

She laughed, "Ow!" even though it obviously didn't hurt. "I'm not in /looove/-love, but...." she got a really dreamy look in her eyes... "/Maybe/."

I rolled my eyes and went back to watching the Fashion TV that was on. A bunch of us girls were at Mich and Nadia's place. 

Katie left to get some drinks and came back with four. She handed me one and set the rest down on a nearby table. "Thanks, Katie." I said, taking a long sip.

She shrugged. She hadn't talked much lately. "No problem. Hey, just wondering, why are you all dressed up?"

"Oh, I have to leave soon so I decided I'd dress up because I have a photoshoot after this."

"A photoshoot? If you're the photographer, then why do you need to get dressed up?"

I nodded and looked down. "Well... the people at Vogue said that.. I could model in one editorial."

"Are you /serious/? That's amazing!" she said enthusiastically.

"I know, and I'm not even a model and he said quote 'you look nice in front of cameras too you know, Ella' end quote, to me." I sighed, staring at the TV screen but not really paying attention. "I might just be hired as a model...but I can't be sure, you know..."

"That is so cool," Katie said, she was always so nice and supportive. 

Melli and Nicya looked at us. "What's so cool?" they said at once and started laughing. Aria joined in.

When I told them, they immediately started gushing over the fact that I might be able to model for real and etc, and it was so fun. My friends are amazing. Nothing can change that fact...


type "model, dancer and photographer?" if you read it all.
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